Thursday, October 23, 2008


Meghan has been "painting" and customizing resins for the past six years and is becoming very competitive in the model horse show circuit. This is her major project from this season--she has to work around the weather and spray her models outside to "fix" them, so it takes some time and effort. She usually only does smaller scale models, but this one caught her eye so she just had to have him. She does commisions and enjoys doing micro-minis which are the size of the change in your pocket.


Winter Sky Diva is a Jericho F1 spotted katmoget out of Winter Sky Calypso. Her yearling micron test was 23.5 AFD, 5.6 SD, and 23.8 CV. She will be crossed with Kodachrome this November.
These two daughters of Wintertime Black Forrest are Elle(the black gulmoget)and Kir(the fawn gul/kat). Elle's fall lamb test was 23.5 AFD, 4.7 SD and 19.9 CV. Kir's yearling test was 19.5 AFD, 5.1 SD and 25.6 CV. They are both being bred by Kodachrome this November.
The moorit smirslet ewe in the back is Winter Sky Breathe. Her two year old micron test was 25.9 AFD, 6.4 SD and 24.7 CV. She is being bred to Captain this November. Thistlekeep Aquilegia is the black 6 year old ewe in the foreground. Her micron test this fall came back 24.6 AFD, 5.7 SD and 23.1 CV. She is being bred to Wintertime Red Velvet.
This lovely fawn gulmoget ewe lamb is Winter Sky Kahlua. Her sire is Winter Sky Cointreau and her dam is Winter Sky Kir. Her lamb test this fall was 20.9 AFD, 6.6 SD and 31.4 CV. She has a very long, silky fleece. She isn't going in a breeding pen this fall as she was a later lamb and is the smallest on our farm.
These colorful does are my daughters AGS registered Nigerian Dwarf goats. She maintains a very small(seven)number of does and all but one are bred to Twincreeks PDF Megapixel for next March. Megapixel is the son of two permanent champions who both appraised excellent. He has a lovely temperament and is long and stretchy and dairy. Kids will be available from this cross for competitive prices.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Getting All Our Ducks In A Row

We presently have nine bantam ducks residing at our farm. Seven are purebred Australian Spotteds in all three color phases. The pure black duck is a cross our Silky duck produced before we sold all our Silkies to another breeder.


Meghan wants to work towards a fully polled flock of Shetlands, so I went shopping for a polled line in either ram or ewe with unrelated or less-related bloodlines to what she already owns. I found "Bailleys" down at MFF in Juli Budde's pens and felt he was definitely worth bringing north. His fleece is consistent and crimpy with nice structure overall and a light fawn/mioget coloration coming in at the skin. He tested 22 at the last rib this fall. His breeding group will consist of Meghan's two foundation ewes: Wintertime Ruby(Red's dam who tested 21.6 microns at two years of age)and V Creek Sarah(a Dillon F1/Holly F2)grey katmoget ewe whose second test was 25.3 AFD, 5.5 SD, and 21.7 CV.


Winter Sky Black Forrest X Wintertime Ruby(Sandstone daughter). Red has a very dense, crimpy, shorter fleece that is very consistent. His fall test at last rib was 21.7 AFD, 3.8 SD, and 17.7 CV. He appears to be even finer than his sire who has maintained a dramatically soft black fleece into maturity. Red's group will consist of the following ewes: Thistlekeep Aquilegia(shaela ewe with a 24 micron), Wintertime Chiffon(Aman X Crisp moorit) and Wintertime Aretha(grey katmoget F2 Jericho double F3 Holly/Jamie). These lambs will be NASSA registerable.


Wintertime Black Forrest X Winter Sky Amaretto(3/4 sister to Tennyson). Captain has a lustrous, crimpy, locky fleece that is consistent and tested 21.6 AFD, 4.3 SD, 20.1 CV this fall at last rib. He'll have the following ewes in his breeding group this fall: Kismet(black Jamie F1), Halla(Kismet's shaela daughter), Staccato(true musket F2 Greyling), and Breathe(a moorit smirslet Sandstone daughter--dam to Skater Boy).


Winter Sky Leonid(F1 Orion)X Winter Sky Khaya. He tested 20.4 AFD, 4.4 SD and 21.7 CV at last rib this fall and has a lovely, lengthy, crimpy, silky fleece of medium moorit color. He'll be breeding Deja(black Tennyson daughter), Kir(fawn gul/kat Forrest daughter), Elle(black gul Forrest daughter), Geneva(black Forrest daughter), Diva(fawn smirslet kat Jericho F1)and Foxtrot(musket Leonid daughter).

Thursday, October 2, 2008

TEXAS A & M Micron Results--2008 Lambs


ARETHA(Blues X Alafair grey katmoget ewe) AFD 25.7 SD 5.9 CV 22.8

FUDGE(Forrest X Ruby HST moorit horned ram) AFD 19.7 SD 5.4 CV 27.4

ITASCA(Landslide X Izzy black ewe) AFD 24.3 SD 4.8 CV 19.8

RED(Forrest X Ruby half-poll moorit gul ram) AFD 21.7 SD 3.8 CV 17.7

CHIFFON(Aman X Crisp modified moorit ewe) AFD 22.0 SD 4.6 CV 20.7


ANI(Leonid X Anya moorit ewe) AFD 22.1 SD 4.5 CV 20.5

CAPTAIN(Forrest X Amaretto half-poll shaela gul ram)AFD 21.6 SD 4.3 CV 20.1

ELLE(Forrest X Sahra black gul ewe) AFD 23.5 SD 4.7 CV 19.9

FOXTROT(Leonid X Calypso musket ewe)AFD 23.5 SD 5.1 CV 21.7

GENEVA(Forrest X Loretta black ewe)AFD 21.4 SD 4.9 CV 22.7

GRACELAND(Cointreau X Nissa dark brown ewe)AFD 20.7 SD 5.0 CV 24.2

KAHLUA(Cointreau X Kir fawn gul ewe)AFD 20.9 SD 6.6 CV 31.4

KODACHROME(Leonid X Khaya HST moorit horned ram)AFD 20.4 SD 4.4 CV 21.7

SKATER(Cowboy X Breathe spotted half-poll grey kat ram)AFD 21.8 SD 4.2 CV 19.2