Thursday, December 4, 2014


Wintertime BoB--Two year old scurred true black sired by Winter Sky Khan and out of Wintertime Alanis

     Winter Sky Mandalay(True black three year old)--Show wins for fleece and conformation.

     Winter Sky Marrakech(Ag five year old)--RGCH Show win as a mature ewe.

     Sheltrgpines Lien(White yearling)--GCH fleece MSSBA 2014.

      Wintertime Blurred Lines(Grey gul/kat two year old)--Very nice type and fiber.

       Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally(Grey kat five year old)--Typey with fleece that roos.

       Whistlestop 0427(Black ten year old Drum Ram daughter)--Typey and small.  Not recently

       Ramble N Chiquita(Fawn Wintertime Blake daughter)--Lovely yearling.  Blake is BoB's full
                    brother.  20.7/3.8/18.3/7.0/99.1

       Wintertime Milano(Moorit flecket ewe lamb)--Large enough to breed.  Lovely build.  Fourth
                   in large MSSBA class.  Not tested yet.

        Rose(Bond X Cormo)light moorit two year old--20.7/4.4/21.4/97.6

        Maire(Dohne bred spotted Merino yearling--21.7/3.3/15.2/98.6

        Lourre(Cormo X Shetland black spotted yearling)--21.9/3.9/17.3/7.0/98.5

        China(Cormo six year old)Not recently tested.

Wintertime Moose--Best Fleece on Hoof MSSBA 2014 as a yearling--moorit with no mixed fibers.

       Wintertime Alanis--True black four year old GCH MSSBA 2014.

        Wintertime Cinnamon Sugar--Fawn katmoget yearling with very fine fiber.

         Wintertime Kerry Hill--Grey ilget yearling BoB daughter with very soft, dense fiber.

         Wintertime Ruby--Eight year old matriarch with some exceptional offspring in various flocks.
                      24.5 last rib AFD.

Wintertime Skylark--Modified black yearling third place MSSBA 2014.  He will be covering some ewes at other farms this winter as well.  20.4/3.6/17.6/6.4/99.3

          Spinners End Mousa--Emsket spotted gulmoget yearling BoB daughter.

          Sheltrgpines Blue Danube--Dark grey katmoget two year old ewe with good wool coverage.