Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The samples were all taken at the last rib midway down the end of January.  We shear the end of May, so lengths will be a little shorter than a year's growth. 

Wintertime Alanis(3)--Black ewe--25.6 AFD/4.6 SD/18.0 CV/8.0 CEM/86.0 CF/ 24.4 SF

Wintertime Angry Bird(1)--Black smirslet ewe lamb--25.5 AFD/6.0 SD/23.5 CV/10.2 CEM/79.0 CF/25.4

Wintertime Anime(2)--Spotted grey ewe--27.6 AFD/4.2 SD/15.2 CV/7.1 CEM/ 76.8 CF/25.7 SF

Ramble N Bianca(1)--White ewe lamb--23.2 AFD/4.6 SD/20 CV/ 8.1 CEM/ 94.6 CF/22.4 SF

Wintertime BoB(1)--Black ram lamb--21.0 AFD/3.9 SD/18.5 CV/6.8 CEM/98.4 CF/20.1 SF

Wintertime Boer Goat(2)--Flecket ram--23.7 AFD/4.4 SD/18.7 CV/7.7 CEM/94.2 CF/22.4 SF

RambleN Bonnett(1)--Fawn ewe lamb--23.4 AFD/4.5 SD/19.0 CV/8.1 CEM/94.4 CF/22.4 SF

Wintertime Brown Sugar(1)--Fawn kat ewe lamb--24.3 AFD/4.1 SD/17.1 CV/6.7 CEM/95.0 CF/22.9

SP Blue Danube(1)--Grey kat ewe lamb--21.1 AFD/3.7 SD/ 17.5 CV/6.6 CEM/99.0 CF/20.0 SF

Wintertime Elfin(1)--Moorit smirslet ewe lamb--24.6 AFD/4.8 SD/19.5 CV/8.3 CEM/89.4 CF/23.7

Wintertime Kashmir(2)--Black w/moonspot--25.4 AFD/4.9 SD/19.4 CV/9.1 CEM/85.5 CF/24.4

EHI Kate(2)--Moorit smirslet ewe--26.3 AFD/5.0 SD/19.1 CV/8.6 CEM/80.7 CF/25.2 SF

Wintertime Katniss(1)-- Black krunet ewe lamb--21.4 AFD/5.0 SD/23.3 CV/9.3 CEM/95.5 CF/21.3

Wintertime Painted Lady(1)--Spotted fawn kat--23.1 AFD/4.1 SD/17.8 CV/7.1 CEM/96.7 CF/21.9

Wintertime Madrid(1)--Grey ewe lamb--22.6 AFD/3.7 SD/16.2 CV/6.2 CEM/98.5 CF/21.2 SF

Wintertime Mandalay(2)--Black ewe--23.8 AFD/4.0 SD/16.7 CV/7 CEM/95.5 CF/22.4 SF

Wintertime Marrakech(4)--Grey ewe--22.2 AFD/4.9 SD/21.9 CV/8.6 CEM/95.3 CF/21.8 SF

Wintertime Milan(1)--Moorit krunet ewe lamb--22.5 AFD/3.5 SD/15.7 CV/6 CEM/98.6 CF/21.0 SF

Wintertime Morocco(1)--Musket ewe lamb--20.7 AFD/3.8 SD/18.4 CV/6.8 CEM/99.2 CF/19.7

SP Mustang Sally(4)--Grey katmoget--26.4 AFD/3.7 SD/14.0 CV/6.2 CEM/88.8 CF/24.3 SF

Wintertime Sky(1)--Grey kat ewe lamb--22.4 AFD/4.1 SD/18.1 CV/6.8 CEM/98 CF/21.3 SF

Wintertime Twix(2)--Moorit gulmoget--26.6 AFD/4.4 SD/16.7 CV/7.9 CEM/81.1 CF/25.1 SF

Wintertime Vanity Fair(2)--Spotted fawn kat--26.9 AFD/3.9 SD/14.4 CV/6.6 CEM/85.7 CF/24.9 SF

We will have a number of proven animals for sale this summer.  The earlier you purchase the lower the prices will be.  Just contact us for more information.