Saturday, August 15, 2009

Raggedy Ann's Wild Weekend

It all began Thursday night when Mars(a rather large, handsome black Cormo cross Char Epley owns)decided to take matters into his own hooves and break down the panels keeping him separated from Raggs and her supposed suitor Don Juan(a spotted taupey colored Cormo yearling). Guess Mars just wanted to show Raggs a good time and felt Don Juan wasn't? So we now await lambs due right around January 8th. We are also expecting Cormo X lambs just before Christmas, so it will be an interesting winter. Meghan is opting to wait to breed her Nigerians until the weather is very warm and the snow is melted, so that should help.

Then on Saturday I entered Raggedy's lamb fleece under colored fine wools at Michigan Fiber Fest. It was the only fleece I took, as I had limited room. The judge did comment I should have used a larger plastic bag as the fleece did an amazing expanding act after being released from its confines. With a score of 95 and a comment of amazing color and luster Raggedy won GCH and BIS. Hope Aly's fleece does equally well at its competition in California. Last year she won GCH at Monterey.

So here's to you Miss Raggs. We do look forward to seeing what you can produce this next season.