Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Boys Mid-Winter

Red and Kodachrome in the back. Nightcap(aka Bailleys)and Captain in the foreground. Wintertime Red Velvet--Forrest son out of Ruby. He has an incredibly soft, fine single-coat. We think he may even be better than his sire who tested 21 as a two-year old. We shall see.
Li'lCountry Nightcap--Dillon/Holly/Timothy lines and appears to be modified moorit in color. He has a very fine/crimpy/locky fleece that is consistent. He may be for sale this summer to make room for another Little Country polled ram.
Winter Sky Captain is a son of Forrest and out of Winter Sky Amaretto. He has an amazingly soft(97.0 comfort factor), locky, crimpy, fine shaela fleece.

Freedom After The Deep Freeze

V Creek Sarah is an F1 Roban Dillan, F2 Holly ewe that produces clean polled ram lambs. She is bred to LilCountry Nightcap for April lambs. She'll be for sale after her lambs are weaned.
Wintertime Ruby is the dam of Wintertime Red Velvet and has a very fine(21 micron)moorit fleece. She is bred to Nightcap for April lambs and will be used for LAI next fall.
Winter Sky Kismet is an F1 Willowcroft Jamie ewe. She is the matriarch of the flock at age ten and has the "look" I love. She is bred to Captain for late March lambs and may be slated for LAI if she holds her condition well this summer.
Glenmore Staccato was purchased from Louise Hooper's flock as a lamb. She's going to be seven and is a true musket Greyling F2 with a lovely fleece. She is bred to Captain for April lambs.
These two modified moorit girls are Orion F2's from different sires and dams. Chiffon in the background is bred to Red for late April lambs. Ani in the foreground was kept open this year.
And not to be left out of the flock pictures is Raggedy...our colored Cormo X ewe lamb who is also open this year.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Red is maturing nicely this winter. He's my daughter's polled moorit gulmoget Shetland ram whose first micron test mid-side this fall was 21.7 AFD, 3.8 SD, 17.7 CV with a 98.6 comfort factor. His dam Wintertime Ruby is pictured below. She was bred to Li'lCountry Nightcap(polled fawn ram lamb)for early April lambs.


Raggedy Ann(a colored Cormo cross) came to our farm in November after travelling all the way from California(thanks Sue)to Kentucky and then up to lower Michigan(thanks Char). She was born last March and will be bred next fall, as with all the travelling she seemed stressed and not in the best condition. She spent November up at my farm in a pen with two little Shetland ewe lambs that I kept open this season and almost immediately won us over with her big sweet eyes and calm disposition. Butting heads is a game she doesn't quite "get", but she does her best to accomodate her Shetland buddies when they get going in the mornings.

Her fiber tested 17.6 AFD, 3.2 SD, 17.8 CV with a comfort factor of 99.9%. She's consistent from front to back. We plan to add at least a couple more colored Cormo crosses to our flock this next season and breed them in the fall to the finest colored/white rams available for use. We will have lambs for sale in 2010.