Thursday, April 21, 2011


Twix is a single ewe lamb sired by Wintertime Barqs and out of Fairview Farm Sweet Tart. She is a love with a funny smoosh of white on her poll and a friendly personality just like her sire. She is being retained.
Wintertime Black Forrest X Wintertime Ruby single black horned ram lamb with a little bit of white on his poll. Blanket was a disappointment at first,but we are finding him catching our eye more and more and his fleece looks like it will be very fine indeed. Being held for evaluation at least until July.
Wintertime Barqs X Wintertime Ladybug moorit/white flecket horned ram lamb. Hasn't found his name yet, but he'll be staying for a time as well. I need a really nice white fleece for my fiber business and he is definitely white. Ladybug is for sale since we are keeping her son for now. Ask for details and current fleece samples.
Tang in the background is sold. Her sister Snapple in the foreground is being retained for now. Sire is Sommarang Hansel(polled modified grey gulmoget)and dam is Wintertime Maple Sugar.
River Oaks Simone and her son Wintertime Simon who is going to lower MI mid-May. Simone is being retained for now.
Our only NCWGA lamb but a definite greeter sheep and keeper--Tippy. Sire is Winter Sky Khan and dam is Winter Sky Kir Royale. Kir is heading to a new fiber home in July.
Wintertime Chiffon's daughter Vanity Fair. Sire is Wintertime Grasshopper. Vanity is staying put. Her sire will be used much more this upcoming fall and then will be for sale mid-November. We will also be selling Winter Sky Khaya for anyone interested in a very good brood ewe for polled and smirslet animals. She has produced HST, smirslet, moorit and dark brown animals with extraordinarily nice fleeces. Khan is her son. Fleece samples are available to interested parties.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Dam is Wintertime Maple Sugar(two year old moorit with a micron test of 25.0/4.9/19.5/8.7/24.1 SF)and sire is Sommarang Hansel. "Tang" is a twin mioget ewe lamb with a very outgoing personality. Ready to wean mid-May. I'll be making a trip to lower MI at that time and can bring her along. $200. SOLD
Wintertime Lizzie(fawn two year old)and her dark brown Wintertime Barqs daughter. Both are sold and headed to Ohio mid-May along with Barqs.


Sired by Wintertime Barqs(polled moorit gulmoget)and out of Wintertime Ladybug(black blettet)this horned ram lamb is our largest lamb of the season. Photo at three hours old and still getting his land legs. He is for sale.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Wintertime Alanis(1)(Wintertime Fudge X Winter Sky Alafair triplet black)--23.3 AFD/4.3 SD/18.3 CV/7.5 CEM/95.6 CF/22.2 SF. She is being retained in the flock.

V Creek Angel(8)(Light grey)--27.1 AFD/5.1 SD/18.9 CV/8.7 CEM/75.2 CF/25.9 SF. She is being retained in our flock.

Wintertime Ladybug(1)(Sheltrgpines Bug X Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally single black)--22.5 AFD/4.9 SD/21.8 CV/9.1 CEM 93.8 CV/22.1 SF. She may be for sale after lambing. Bred to Barqs and due anytime.

Wintertime Maple Sugar(2)(Wintertime Red Velvet X Wintertime Chiffon single moorit)--25.0 AFD/4.9 SD/19.5 CV/8.7 CEM/87.6 CF/24.1 SF. She is being retained in our flock. Her mioget twin ewe lamb is for sale.

Winter Sky Marrakech(2)(Wintertime Black Forrest X Winter Sky Calypso twin grey)--23.3 AFD/4.0 SD/17.1 CV/7.0 CEM/96.6 CF/22.0 SF. She is being retained in our flock.

Wintertime Ruby(5)(Winter Sky Sandstone X Whistlestop 0427 twin light moorit)--24.3 AFD/5.3 SD/21.7 CV/9.1 CEM/87.8 CF/23.8 SF. Being retained for at least one more breeding. Due bred to Wintertime Black Forrest anytime.

River Oaks Simone(1)(Moorit twin polled lines)--22.0 AFD/4.4 SD/19.8 CV/7.9 CEM/96.5 CF/21.2 SF. Being retained.

Fairview Farm Sweet Tart(2)(Bono Creek Caper X Sheltrgpines Licorice twin black krunet)24.8 AFD/5.4 SD/21.9 CV/10.3 CEM/83.8 CF/24.3 SF. May be for sale after lambing. Bred to Barqs and due anytime.

Winter Sky Vogue(1)(Winter Sky Tennyson X Winter Sky Foxtrot single moorit)--23.6 AFD/4.1 SD/17.4 CV/6.9 CEM/96.1 CF/22.3 SF. Being retained in the flock. NCWGA


Wintertime Waterbug X Wintertime Alanis(yearling with a micron test of 23.3/4.3/18.4/7.5/SF of 22.2. She is a twin and has a black sister who will be for sale. This little ewe lamb is staying put.
Alanis X Waterbug black twin ewe lamb. Will be for sale.
Winter Sky Khan X Winter Sky Kir Royale twin ewe lamb. She is being retained.
Winter Sky Khan X Winter Sky Kir Royale fawn katmoget ram lamb(polled). Reserved pending further evaluation.
Another shot of Slate and his mother V Creek Angel. Slate will be for sale. Sire is Wintertime Black Forrest.
Slate with his brother Chalk in the background. Chalk is sold.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


This is a twin ram lamb born to V Creek Angel(listed as white but grey underneath by the skin throughout her fleece)and sired by Wintertime Black Forrest(black gulmoget ram carrying modified but no extension). His twin brother is definitely white with a pink nose. So folks...the question is what are Angel's color genetics based on this lambing? In the past she has produced two grey katmoget ram lambs bred to two different rams. Her sire is definitely a grey katmoget. The dam is listed as white and could be carrying Ag through her sire.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Wintertime Grasshopper X Wintertime Chiffon single ewe lamb. "Vanity Fair" is being retained in our flock.
Wintertime Black Forrest X V Creek Princess Buttercup twin ewe lamb--"Crisp" named in honor of her paternal grandmother is being retained.
"Crisp" from another angle.
Winter Sky Khan X Winter Sky Marrakech single ewe lamb. "Mandalay" is being retained in our flock as is Khan's black triplet full sister born this spring--"Kashmir".
Wintertime ?--Single fawn katmoget polled ram lamb sired by Wintertime Grasshopper and out of River Oaks Simone. SOLD pending receipt of deposit. Breeding will be repeated next fall.
The newest ewe lamb on the farm(we've had 14 so far out of 19 lambs). A single dark brown darling sired by Wintertime Barqs and out of Wintertime Lizzie. She may be for sale.

We have just six more ewes to lamb and then we are done. The count so far is 19 Shetland lambs--5 ram lambs and 14 ewe lambs. Of those we've been ecstatic about 90 % of the fleeces and overall conformation. Stay tuned for the final lambs of the season.