Saturday, November 28, 2015


Numerous knitgoods and beautiful, unique handspun Shetland yarns available for that special person in your life.  Can also work with you to produce something as there is still time before the holidays.  Stop in at the Marquette Commons from 9-1 every Saturday through December 12th.

Friday, November 6, 2015


 This morning after sending Wintertime BVD and a few ewes to Minnesota to form a breeding group yesterday....I sorted sheep using oats, a pan and some panels and my fenced driveway which connects all three barns.  The above group is being run by Wintertime Blue Jay(18 AFD mid-side this fall)who is a dark blue-grey katmoget son of Skylark and Sheltrgpines Blue Danube.  His harem includes Marrakech and her Ag daughter Samarkand(1st Colored Lamb Fleece MSSBA 2015 and a special award), Sheltrgpines Arya(Granddaughter of Wintertime BoB out of Sheltrgpines Sonatina)who is a spotted grey katmoget, Wintertime Malia and Spinnersend Mousa(both BoB a true black and the other a solid-sided shaela gulmoget)and Sheltrgpines Lien(GCH Fleece MSSBA 2014 and 1st Mature White MSSBA 2015)and Winter Sky Mandalay(GCH Ewe and Reserve Supreme CH 2013 MSSBA Show). Should produce some lovely true blacks, dark grey katmogets and hopefully an awesome polled white ram or ewe lamb.
 Tasman(colored Cormo ram lamb)with his two ewes...both very fine-fleeced.  Maire is the Merino on the right with the white nose....Rose is the rose-grey Cormo/Bond ewe.  Both of these ewes were with Wintertime BVD(spotted polled fawn katmoget with a very fine fleece)prior to going in with Tasman.  He is in for back-up and experience as he was somewhat naive when he first got on the farm.  Think the Shetland boys taught him some stuff over the past month though as he went right to work encouraging both of them to think of him if they cycle.
Dreamcatcher Samurai(Moorit flecket half-poll BoB grandson)in with his group of five--Kathmandu(BoB X Mandalay)moorit, Milano(half-poll dark moorit flecket ewe)and her BoB daughter Twiggy....Jakarta(Musket daughter of Wintertime Moose(Best Fleece on Hoof 2014 MSSBA)X Wintertime Morocco(Twice GCH Fleece at various venues)and Style(Solid sided black gulmoget).  Samurai is for sale the end of this month....20 AFD mid-side this fall.  Extremely correct hindend with a perfect tail.  And lots of spots.