Sunday, December 30, 2007


I hope this upcoming year I can find more time to just dance, laugh with my daughter, spend time with my friends, and continue to enjoy the fruits of living on our wonderful homestead.
I am also looking forward to continuing my quest to produce the finest, softest Shetland sheep and promote their heritage as a wool breed in the local marketplace.
I've come full circle and now feel Australian Spotted bantam ducks are the only breed I want to work with, so I will continue to breed a few of this wonderful breed every year and enjoy their antics in the garden. This year my little flock of ducks enjoys hanging out on rooftops and flying down upon us whenever we get a bag of spinach out of the coolers out front.
I wish you and yours a most wonderful 2008. In about three weeks' time we will have our first Nigerian kids born. We will post photos as soon as the blessed event happens.