Saturday, April 18, 2009



Winter Sky Foxtrot(Orion F2)bred to Winter Sky Kodachrome(Orion F2)produced this blettet moorit ram lamb with a very fine, crimpy fleece. Once she gets over being so protective or her firstborn I'll get some more photos of him. He is tiny, but vigorous. NCWGA registerable $125.00. Winter Sky Diva(Jericho F1) bred to Winter Sky Kodachrome(Orion F2)produced this very colorful and finely fleeced fawn smirslet katmoget ram lamb. He has large hornbuds and spends most of his day springing around, bothering all the other ewes. He is for sale. NCWGA $125.
Winter Sky Staccato bred to Lil'Country Nightcap. Scurred musket ram lamb with some marbling on his sides and an odd patch of a different color along his spine. This line produces beautiful fleeces and nicely put together animals. Greyling linebreeding. NCWGA $125.00.


This is Wintertime Bailleys--Lil'Country Nightcap X Wintertime Ruby. Both parents have amazingly fine fleeces that are consistent from front to back. Lots of modified colors in his background and we aren't sure yet just where on the color spectrum he'll end up. He is being retained in the flock and is NASSA registerable. His sister has already been sold. His sire is available.
This is Wintertime Bond--Lil'Country Nightcap X V Creek Sarah. Sarah has produced three clean polled ram lambs bred to three different sires. Sarah's third fleece tested in the 25 range. She's 75% UK bred. Bond is for sale, as is his sire.

This is Winter Sky Reeses--Winter Sky Captain X Winter Sky Breathe(NCWGA). He is still being evaluated but may be for sale. His dam is already sold.

Monday, April 6, 2009



Bailleys & Scarlet--Lil'Country Nightcap X Wintertime Ruby. Bailleys is polled and will be retained. Scarlet may be for sale. These lines have tested in the low 20's at last rib.
Kismet's final lambs as she is being retired at the age of nine. Kismet is a Jamie F1 and these lambs were sired by Winter Sky Captain(NCWGA). Both ewe lambs are being retained for now to evaluate them over time. One may be for sale later in the summer.
Meghan's favorite ewe lamb sired by Captain and out of Halla. Halla is a fiercely protective mother and doesn't like to let her babies be accosted by anything including digital cameras. We think Halle is a modified black gulmoget. Her sire and dam are both shaela, so we shall see. She has a black brother who will be going to a pet home. Halla is for sale for $100.00(NCWGA).
Winter Sky Breathe's twin ram lambs. Black ram is going for meat. Modified polled moorit gulmoget boy is being held for evaluation and may be for sale. We will be keeping either him or Captain(NCWGA). Breathe is a beautiful, larger, HST moorit ewe with a nice fleece that does fall off at the hip and beyond. She is friendly. For sale for $100.00.
Wintertime Ruby's twins sired by Lil'Country Nightcap. This line is outstanding for fine fleeces and polled lines. Bailleys on the right is polled and is being retained. Scarlet may be for sale depending upon how many other ewe lambs Meghan decides to retain. Nightcap is for sale. He's been micron tested and has produced two sets of lovely twins for us so far.
V Creek Sarah(poll producing Roban Dillon F1 ewe)is NASSA registered and for sale. We have her latest micron test which was 25.9. Her polled darker grey katmoget ram lamb sired by Lil'Country Nightcap is for sale--"Bond". His black full sister is being retained for now.