Saturday, April 18, 2009


This is Wintertime Bailleys--Lil'Country Nightcap X Wintertime Ruby. Both parents have amazingly fine fleeces that are consistent from front to back. Lots of modified colors in his background and we aren't sure yet just where on the color spectrum he'll end up. He is being retained in the flock and is NASSA registerable. His sister has already been sold. His sire is available.
This is Wintertime Bond--Lil'Country Nightcap X V Creek Sarah. Sarah has produced three clean polled ram lambs bred to three different sires. Sarah's third fleece tested in the 25 range. She's 75% UK bred. Bond is for sale, as is his sire.

This is Winter Sky Reeses--Winter Sky Captain X Winter Sky Breathe(NCWGA). He is still being evaluated but may be for sale. His dam is already sold.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I'm definitely keeping Nightcap and Bond in mind in case I hear of transportation from there to here. Did you sell V Creek Sarah already? I thought an earlier post said she is for sale.

Karen Valley said...

Sarah is for sale. Nightcap produced some awesome lambs for us. If we weren't retaining his son Bailleys, he wouldn't be going anywhere. And Bond just keeps getting nicer and nicer as he grows and develops.