Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Winter Sky Geneva(NCWGA Black Forrest daughter out of Underhill Loretta Lynn)--Two year old. Black fleece tests 24.6 AFD/6.1 SD/24.9 CV/12.8 CEM/82.7 CF. SOLD.
Winter Sky Foxtrot(NCWGA Orion F2 out of Winter Sky Calypso) two year old musket ewe.Fleece tested in January 27.8 AFD/5.1 SD/18.2 CV/9.5 CEM/71.9 CF. $100.00. Dam of Vogue. SOLD.
Wintertime Lizzie(NASSA registered daughter of Firthoffifth Thayu X Whistlestop 0427). Early June twin modified moorit twin yearling ewe that was left open this winter. First fleece tested 20.7 AFD/4.8 SD/23.3 CV/9.1 CEM/97.1 CF. No longer for sale.


Sheltrgpines Bug X Owl Hill Lady Grey--"WaterBug"--Ag blettet ram lamb with small hornbuds. NFS at this time.
Sheltrgpines Bug X Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally(Blues X Salicional)--"LadyBug"--Black with some white on poll. May be retained.
"Garnet"--Wintertime Black Forrest X Wintertime Ruby moorit twin ewe lamb. $250.
"BARQS RB"--Forrest X Ruby gulmoget ram lamb with small button(?) scurs. $250
Another shot of "BARQS".
"Grasshopper(on left)" and "Moth" on right. Sheltrgpines Bug X V Creek Princess Buttercup. Grasshopper appears to be clean polled and is being retained. Moth has small hornbuds and is for sale for $200. SOLD.


I truly believe that Winter Sky Tennyson was one of the best moorit Shetland rams in North America at the time of his premature demise. Fortunately for me I had one ewe that settled to him prior to his death--Winter Sky Foxtrot(Orion F2 out of Winter Sky Calypso). And she presented me with this absolutely stunning moorit ewe lamb--Vogue. There are no unsoft spots on this lamb and she is full of Shetland vigor, personality and enthusiasm for life. Thank you Tennyson.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Winter Sky Tennyson X Winter Sky Foxtrot--single ewe lamb "Vogue". NFS.
Wintertime Black Forrest X Wintertime Ruby--Polled moorit gulmoget ram lamb. NASSA registerable. For sale.
Full sister to above ram lamb. NASSA registerable. For sale.
Headshot of "Grasshopper"--Sheltrgpines Bug X V Creek Princess Buttercup. Twin spotted fawn katmoget ram lamb. NFS.
Grasshopper is being retained in the flock for now.
"Bust A Move"--Winter Sky Buster II X Winter Sky Breathe--Linebreeding on Winter Sky Sandstone. Polled smirslet twin ram lamb. For sale--not registerable. SOLD.
"Breakaway"--Full sister to above ram. NFS.