Saturday, June 23, 2012


 Meet Tally the newest member of our farm family.  She is eight weeks old and about 4 pounds of tri-color Corgi antics.   We had no idea when we pick her out of a litter of nine at four weeks of age just how special she would end up being.  She makes up her own games given just a paper towel tube or binder twine tied to a fence, goes wild at night just before bedtime and has a bladder the size of a small walnut which produes copious amounts of pee on very little water?   Our two 12 pound housecats avoid her like the plague and Pappy(our faithful 14 year old farm dog)keeps his distance and just wags his tail whenever she is out in the yard. 
This is the look we get whenever she wants to insure we will keep her forever.  And we will.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


 Wintertime Brown Sugar--Wintertime Grasshopper X Wintertime Maple Sugar.  Fawn katmoget twin ewe lamb with lovely type.  NFS at this time.
 Wintertime Brown Elfin--Smirslet moorit daughter of Grasshopper out of Wintertime Ruby.  Remaining in the flock for now.  Her smaller full sister Delaine is available for $200 OBO.  Nice soft fleece and good wool coverage overall.  Perfect tail.
 Wintertime Katniss--Wintertime Blanket X Winter Sky Kashmir black krunet single ewe lamb.  Very friendly.  Strange birthcoat is turning into a very fine, soft fleece underneath.  NFS at this time.

 Wintertime Morocco on the left and Milan on the right with Katniss making ugly faces.  Milan and Morroco are remaining in the flock.
 Two of our favorites--twin ewe lambs sired by Khan and out of Winter Sky Marrakech.  Marrakech may be for sale this summer.
Wintertime Esquire--Winter Sky Khan X Wintertime Vanity Fair.  Outstanding fleeces behind this polled ram lamb.  He is available and has a good temperament.  SOLD.