Saturday, June 23, 2012


 Meet Tally the newest member of our farm family.  She is eight weeks old and about 4 pounds of tri-color Corgi antics.   We had no idea when we pick her out of a litter of nine at four weeks of age just how special she would end up being.  She makes up her own games given just a paper towel tube or binder twine tied to a fence, goes wild at night just before bedtime and has a bladder the size of a small walnut which produes copious amounts of pee on very little water?   Our two 12 pound housecats avoid her like the plague and Pappy(our faithful 14 year old farm dog)keeps his distance and just wags his tail whenever she is out in the yard. 
This is the look we get whenever she wants to insure we will keep her forever.  And we will.


Michelle said...

SO CUTE! Someday I am going to have one of Garrett's Cardigan Corgis; they have won my heart.

Karen Valley said...

I must admit I am a Pembroke fan as long as the tail isn't short docked. A little smaller and a wee bit less aggressive but tones of personality.

Michelle said...

That's why it's great to have variety - something for everyone! To me the Pembrokes have a "small dog" personality and the Cardis have a "big dog" personality, and I prefer the latter.

Garrett808 said...

Can't say i've ever heard a Cardigan is aggressive. Most show breeders of Pems have told me that those that are poorly bred (or not from show stock) are very aggressive and snappy towards not only other animals but kids and adults too.

Not sure of the farm Pem's around you but the ones in MN that go to shows every once in a while are much bigger than my Cardigans (and my cardis are 25-30 pounds).

cute pup nonetheless. have fun with her