Sunday, May 23, 2010


Turned the sheep out onto their various fields this afternoon, because the weather is supposed to be very hot and dry for this entire week and I felt they needed to be out finding the shady spots where the breezes can blow. If I have to I'll start watering the fields, as they are already looking as though they want to dry up and turn brown. We just finished putting together a system to work an oscillating sprinkler from water we bring up from the stream. The Cormo X's are having the most trouble dealing with the heat and bugs. Fortunately our shearer is coming out Tuesday early in the morning to remove their heavy fleeces.

We have the following animals for sale:

Wintertime Garnet(NASSA)--Moorit twin ewe lamb sired by Wintertime Black Forrest and out of Wintertime Ruby. Friendly, growthy lamb with a nicely developing fleece. Tail is longish. $200 OBO. SOLD.

Wintertime Barqs(NASSA)--Moorit gulmoget twin ram to above ewe lamb. Frosted sides. Lovely personality and polled. He is developing very nicely and has a soft, crimpy fleece. Price has been raised to $300.

Wintertime ?(NASSA pending)--Black(silvering)gulmoget krunet ram lamb with scurs. Sire is Wintertime Black Forrest. Dam is Winter Sky Secondhand Rose. Very squarely built, solid ram with dense fleece that is crimping. Good tail. $250. SOLD

Wintertime Fedora(NASSA pending)--Ag gulmoget twin ram lamb sired by Wintertime Black Forrest and out of Sheltrgpines Isidora. Elegant, refined, crimpy, typey. Being retained until August for further evaluation.

Winter Sky Secondhand Rose(NASSA)--Six year old light moorit ewe with minor spotting on poll. Very nicely built ewe that isn't overly large. Only registered daughter of Winter Sky Skater Boy. Good mother. No health issues. $50.00. SOLD.

Sheltrgpines Bug(NASSA)--Moorit flecket scurred yearling ram with short, extremely soft, fine fleece. Good color. Excellent tail. Longer bodied. Hocks turn in slightly but his lambs aren't showing that trait. Nice disposition. $350 OBO. SOLD

Ganache--Cormo X dark brown two year old ewe with a very dense, soft, 4-5 inch fleece. Solid build and not overly tall. Good mother. Very laid back and easy to work with. $350 OBO SOLD

China--ACSA registered white Cormo yearling ewe. Beautiful 19.5 micron fiber that is very dense with good length. $350. SOLD.

Winter Sky Alafair--Black with some age-greying ewe with a great personality. Just had triplets and is taking good care of them. No health issues. 50% UK lines(Jamie/Holly). $50 to a loving home.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Will have photos sometime soon of the lovely lambs I found down at Stephen's farm. The list of the best:

Twin Ag gulmogets sired by Wintertime Forrest and out of Sheltrgpines Isidora(North Wind Holiday daughter)--musket ewe and grey ram. Both with perfect, elegant, typey looks and marvelous personalities. Full of fun. Wintertime Isabella & Wintertime Fedora.

Moorit krunet polled ram sired by Wintertime Forrest and out of Winter Sky Khaya. Just perfection from head to tail. My Tennyson replacement. Now to find the perfect name.

Moorit gulmoget ram lamb with lovely horns developing. Sired by Wintertime Forrest and out of Winter Sky Ani. He may be for sale. Once again the build is all there...solid elegance with a lovely tail and typey head.

Forrest will be in a breeding pen again this fall as we are finding the right crosses produce some of the best lambs I've seen for type, style and fleece. He is aging beautifully. One would never imagine he was so gawky, leggy and dog-fleeced as a lamb. Sometimes one must be patient to find the gems.

I traded Raggedy Ann's daughter for a really typey black yearling Shetland ewe for Meghan's flock that is sired by Bono Creek Caper. He was a fawn katmoget ram I had briefly for a winter. I thought he had perfect type and a beautiful fleece but never had the opportunity to use him in the flock. Because I forgot to read the fine print and bring my own pen to the fiber festival on Saturday I made a new connection with a small Shetland breeder and found this ewe and some other lines I thought were lost. Fate steps in. Thanks Dan.