Monday, July 14, 2008

Wintertime Liz--SOLD

Liz is one of the few Wintertime Landslide(smooth polled)daughters in the country. Her dam twinned this year with a gorgeous black ewe lamb, Itasca, who is remaining down in WI, and Liz(modified moorit)who came north. They are half-sisters to Blues and Jazz who both tested in the low/low 20's as lambs and Ruby who tested 21 as a two year old. This line is exemplary for fiber and nice type. Meghan is looking forward to crossing Liz with one of her Forrest/Ruby sons this fall.

Wintertime Aretha and Winter Sky Ani

Aretha is sired by Wintertime Blues(87.5% UK lines)who now resides at Sheltering Pines. Her dam is Winter Sky Alafair who is also slated to go to Sheltering Pines. She has Allie's personality and is always just behind you when you are coming and going waiting for some affection.

Ani is equally gregarious and is sired by Winter Sky Leonid(F1 Orion)and out of Winter Sky Anya who is a very lovely Sandstone daughter. Her fleece is already exquisite, so we anticipate good things from her in the future.


Meghan and I partner with a wonderful shepherdess in SW Wisconsin at Firth of Fifth Acres( We have about a dozen ewes down there that lamb out as well as Meghan's ultra-fine black gulmoget ram Forrest. It is always exciting to go down there to sort through the newest additions at weaning time and select a few to come north for breeding season. This year was the ultimate fiber experience, as we used Forrest along with a couple very fine F1 ram lambs.

Captain was one of the last to be evaluated and I couldn't believe just how soft and crimpy/locky he is. I wish everyone could put their hands on him. He is so soft I actually picked him up and rubbed my face all over his body. Because I kept thinking "chenille", I decided he had to named Captain. He already has a breeding pen reserved in his name for this fall.