Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Wintertime Ruby(Winter Sky Sandstone X Whistlestop 0427). Being bred to Wintertime Black Forrest this fall. Wintertime Maple Sugar(Wintertime Red Velvet X Wintertime Chiffon). Not being bred this season.
Maple Sugar about a month later.
V Creek Princess Buttercup(Underhill Bartok X V Creek Satin). Thank you Maureen for this lovely four year old katmoget. She'll be bred to Sheltrgpines Bug this fall.
Owl Hill Lady Grey(Owl Hill Kat X Owl Hill Queen Sarafina). Linebred on Enfield Greyling with Orion and Holly lines as well "California Girl" as we call her will be bred to Sheltrgpines Bug.



Lil'County Velma--Large, black ewe lamb from polled lines ready to breed. She is very nicely built with good type but larger than we like to work with and somewhat wild in nature. Her fleece has BFL-type lock structure with loads of luster. $150.00. NASSA registered. SOLD.
Very sturdy skeinwinder with non-working counter. Some square nails. $40.00 OBO. SOLD.

Free after being bred--Sugarcreek Valeda Moth. Both parents are permanent CH's. Leda came to us morbidly obese and with sprung abdominal walls. She has slimmed down somewhat but will need watching to insure she gets through a pregnancy without going into ketosis or other metabolic issues. We will breed her to our black/white buckling(numerous Twincreeks lines and a very typey/dairy buck) and just want one pick of kid back. Delivery possible to lower MI or some areas of NW WI. She has been milked and has a socked on udder when in milk. She has a mellow personality.

Winter Sky Zanzibar--a final look-alike daughter of Winter Sky Calypso(who died unexpectedly when Zanz and her sister were six weeks old)sired by Wintertime Black Forrest. Fleece lines to die for. We are retaining her full sister, a half-sister from last year and her granddam Staccato. $100 NCWGA registerable only. Zanz was born in June and won't be big enough to breed this year. She is a very healthy, independent lamb. SOLD.
We also have a darker moorit ewe lamb(Sheltrgpines Aster) of good type and moderate fleece from polled lines available for $125.00. SOLD.