Wednesday, May 25, 2011


V Creek Angel(8)--White ewe with lots of speckling on her face. Shorter legged and throws small scurred ram lambs when crossed with a horned ram. Lots of milk and attitude on this one. Her spring micron test was 27.1/5.1/18.9/8.7 CEM. She rooed about six weeks after lambing and has a light grey caste to part of her fleece. $100 SOLD.

Wintertime Manga(Black twin ewe lamb out of Wintertime Alanis sired by Wintertime Waterbug). Polled linebreeding on Wintertime Fudge. Very consistent fleece which is developing crimp. Very correctly built lamb with lots of presence. $200 OBO.

Winter Sky Khaya(Winter Sky Sandstone X Winter Sky Karma)--Light moorit krunet ewe with lovely, crimpy, soft fleece and beautiful head. Always produces polled ram lambs and has produced smirslets/sokkets/krunets. Winter Sky Khan is her son from last year--AFD 21.4/SD3.9/CV 18.4/CEM 6.8. Triplets this year. We will be retaining her two ewe lambs. $250 OBO. SOLD.

One more fawn katmoget ewe lamb available with a very dense finely crimped fleece out of Underhill Amethyst and sired by Wintertime Black Forrest. Wintertime Agate can be brought to MFF or WI Sheep & Wool. Her brother is a lovely black slightly scurred ram. Correct type and conformation in both twins. $250.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We have sold a number of sheep already, but below is a list of some that are still available. Current micron test reports, photos, fleece samples, etc. are available. Contact me at

Wintertime Ladybug--(Sheltrgpines Bug X Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally). Black with a few specks of white on her poll. Ladybug has correct legs, tail and overall structure. Head is narrow and clean. Produced a flecket half-poll ram lamb when crossed with a moorit polled gulmoget ram. $250 OBO. Very good firsttime mother with plenty of milk. Refined in type. SOLD.

Winter Sky Kir Royale(NCWGA daughter of Winter Sky Kristol and out of Wintertime Black Forrest)--Beautiful fawn gulmoget/katmoget with a nice soft bountiful fleece. $75.00. SOLD.

Winter Sky Khaya(NASSA daughter of Winter Sky Karma and sired by Winter Sky Sandstone). Light moorit krunet ewe with a beautiful head and crimpy, consistent fleece. Tail is slightly long. She has always produced polled ram lambs...some with smirslet markings including dark browns. $250. Dam of Khan and several other outstanding animals.

Winter Sky Gully Girl(NASSA daughter of Winter Sky Kismet sired by Sommarang Hansel). Solid sided black gulmoget twin ewe lamb who has an outgoing personality but a more intermediate fleece. Overall type is very good and this line is polled. .$150. SOLD.

Wintertime Grasshopper(Wintertime Bug X V Creek Princess Buttercup). Button scurred spotted fawn katmoget yearling ram with a beautiful fleece and lovely overall type. Very good tail. His first lambs are very correct in legset and have a show quality about them. He will be for sale after being in a breeding pen this fall. $250 OBO.

There will be a few additions to this list in June after we have had time to evaluate some of the ram lambs further. We may also have a double Black Forrest gulmoget daughter for sale. Sale animals can be delivered to lower MI on June 10th at no extra expense to buyer. We will be posting photos of all sale animals early next week.