Sunday, August 22, 2010


Friday was an uneventful day of shopping and settling in some Shetlands we decided to sell on Thursday.

Then Saturday morning after little sleep things got a bit more interesting. First the fiber mill failed to bring my Cormo top order and for a little bit I was wondering if it was lost in the ether forever. But fortunately they do know where it is and will ship it up to me as soon as they return to their homebase.

Then on to the fleece show where I entered two Cormo X fleeces and one Shetland fleece(Bailleys)for Meghan. Because there was only one colored fine fleece in purebred the judge opted to put Gryffindor(who is a high percentage Cormo X)in that class, so he wasn't competing against Raggedy Ann's fleece(at first). They both won their respective classes for colored fine wools and Bailleys came in second in his larger class despite a soft spot(would have won if he'd had better hay in the fall).

Then the judge went on to judge various GCH and RGCH classes and all of a sudden he was doing BIS...but the fine fleeces were nowhere in site. Since I had been popping in and out of the show all morning I believed they had already been judged and deemed not good enough for BIS. But I decided to ask when the judge finished up and asked if there were any questions. OOPS!

Turns out they had just been going so fast they had failed to find all the winners for BIS and Raggedy and Gryffindor were pulled out and the class was rejudged. Gryffindor came out as the winner and won me a lovely chair which I sorely needed after all the morning footwork. Thanks Gryff. Looking forward to crossing you with Raggedy and Aly and seeing what I can produce next spring. Also bought myself a little present that won't be arriving until November but that is another story to be saved for the Cormocrossing blog.

So one more day and hopefully some of the lovely people I've met will return to purchase lambs. I've got one more fiber booth to finish up at as well. Just hope it all fits in the truck on the drive north.