Friday, May 22, 2009


Twinkie duck and her first hatchlings--Cupcake, Hostess, Little Debbie and Dingdong. They are about 10 days old now. All appear to be silver headed Australians Spotteds.Black duck(a Silky/Aussie cross)and her new brood hatched during our heatwave on Thursday. Several will be black like their mom. Three are Australian Spotteds, as I snuck some eggs into her nest.
Blue duck just hatched out her four eggs(this was the third try as the first two batches of eggs under her weren't fertile due to poor weather). She must have thought they'd never hatch as she's been on a nest for 42 days. We found out black duck managed to sneak two of her eggs into the nest. Oh well.

Susan is still working on hatching hers out and since she placed her nest at the base of one of the grain barrels I open up twice a day she is very upset much of the time. She will undoubtedly be rabid by the time her ducklings hatch out,and she's setting seven eggs.


NASSA registered Wintertime Sophia. Lil'Country Nightcap X V Creek Sarah. This black ewe lamb is very solid, correct and typey. Her brother is smooth polled, so she'd be an asset to any polled breeding program. Her fleece is more intermediate in nature...silky, curly and consistent from ears to tail. $200.00 with delivery to MFF possible at no extra charge.
NCWGA registerable modified moorit blettet ram lamb linebred on Heights Orion. Both parents are spotted. Fleece is extremely soft, fine and crimpy. Perfect fluke tail. $100 intact or $50 wethered to a fiber flock. SOLD.

Esther is a Finn/Shetland cross lamb that is moorit factored and carrying spots. Her Finn sire is shaela and she looks as though she may emulate him. Her fleece is still developing but has a very fine, silky handle to it. I don't know how much it is going to crimp over time, but her dam's fleece is very crimpy and locky with a 22.9 micron test at 3 years of age. Esther has the mellow temperament of her Finn sire with just a touch of the imp from her dam. $50.00.


Meghan's goat herd is down to a select few for next fall's breeding season. This pair of flashy kids sired by Twincreeks CAS Troubador just came home yesterday. Minstrel the buck on the left is going to live on a nearby farm with a couple other bucklings. He is out of one of Meghan's nicest mature does Dancing Angels Little Voice. Look for her at a major show in Minnesota this summer. The doe kid on the right--Madrigal--is out of Little Voice's daughter Masquerade who will also hit the show circuit this summer. Many thanks to Julie Shere for helping us add these bloodlines to Meghan's herd.


This is Winter Sky Maestro. Sired by Lil'Country Nightcap and out of Glenmore Staccato. He's headed to Missouri. Staccato is being retained and crossed with Bailleys for a ewe lamb next time around. LOL.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Wintertime Bailleys--Lil'Country Nightcap X Wintertime Ruby. Smooth polled modified moorit ram lamb being retained in my daughter's NASSA flock.
Winter Sky Loverboy--Winter Sky Kodachrome X Winter Sky Diva. F2 Jericho/F3 Orion smirslet fawn katmoget ram lamb sold to a fiber flock in the eastern Upper Peninsula.
Winter Sky "Maestro"--Lil'Country Nightcap X Glenmore Staccato. Moonspotted blettet musket ram lamb with scurs. Headed to Missouri sometime this summer.
Winter Sky Reeses--Winter Sky Captain X Winter Sky Breathe. Smooth polled modified moorit gulmoget ram lamb. Reeses is sold.
Wintertime Sophia--Lil'Country Nightcap X V Creek Sarah. Black ewe lamb with a very consistent, curly fleece and nice overall look. For sale. $200. NASSA registered intermediate fleeced ewe lamb with full polled brother. Her fleece is growing out and is starting to develop lovely fine crimp throughout.
Wintertime Bond--Lil'Country Nightcap X V Creek Sarah. Smooth polled grey katmoget ram lamb linebred on Roban Dillan and Walnut Rise Sadie. Very sharply put together and a lovely, consistent, finely crimped fleece. He is being held for now. His sire has been sold and is headed to Oregon by this fall. Meghan hanging out with some of the lambs on one of our first truly warm, sunny days.