Monday, May 4, 2009


Wintertime Bailleys--Lil'Country Nightcap X Wintertime Ruby. Smooth polled modified moorit ram lamb being retained in my daughter's NASSA flock.
Winter Sky Loverboy--Winter Sky Kodachrome X Winter Sky Diva. F2 Jericho/F3 Orion smirslet fawn katmoget ram lamb sold to a fiber flock in the eastern Upper Peninsula.
Winter Sky "Maestro"--Lil'Country Nightcap X Glenmore Staccato. Moonspotted blettet musket ram lamb with scurs. Headed to Missouri sometime this summer.
Winter Sky Reeses--Winter Sky Captain X Winter Sky Breathe. Smooth polled modified moorit gulmoget ram lamb. Reeses is sold.
Wintertime Sophia--Lil'Country Nightcap X V Creek Sarah. Black ewe lamb with a very consistent, curly fleece and nice overall look. For sale. $200. NASSA registered intermediate fleeced ewe lamb with full polled brother. Her fleece is growing out and is starting to develop lovely fine crimp throughout.
Wintertime Bond--Lil'Country Nightcap X V Creek Sarah. Smooth polled grey katmoget ram lamb linebred on Roban Dillan and Walnut Rise Sadie. Very sharply put together and a lovely, consistent, finely crimped fleece. He is being held for now. His sire has been sold and is headed to Oregon by this fall. Meghan hanging out with some of the lambs on one of our first truly warm, sunny days.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I am encouraging Franna to take that road trip she has talked about in order to get Bond and V Creek Sarah to Oregon. Holding my breath and crossing my fingers and toes! Any way I can have first right of refusal on both?

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...
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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

If transportation works out, maybe I should get Nightcap instead of Bond so I could use him on all the ewes and not need a second ram to use on Sarah. What is Nightcap's personality like? How would you critique his conformation, etc.?

Karen Valley said...

Hi Michelle--Garrett is first in line for Sarah, but if he doesn't commit within the next few days she is still for sale and you can be next in line. Pretty much the first "Yes" with a deposit gets her.

Nightcap produced some very nice lambs including Bailleys which is the only reason he is for sale. His first micron test is awesome. He is level, long-bodied and needs time to mature and grow more depth and width of body. Legs are good...tail is good. Bite and testes are good as well. He showed some signs of aggression towards me once this winter(he was in a smallish pen with four other rams his age). I disciplined him once and he has reformed completely. I think he's well worth purchasing if you have the means to transport him, since he's already been tested over several different ewes and lines. He is halter trained.

Juliann said...

Karen everyone looks great. WOW that Bailey's is gorgeous!

Michelle I don't think you would be disappointed in Nightcap. He was "pick of the litter" last year. If Karen likes him, you KNOW he's good! Please don't think I'm being immodest, lol!

stephen rouse said...

Be STill my everbeating little heart. Karen and Meghan have done it again, creating fleeces straight out of the "cormo play book"...on exquisitely bodies shetlands with rich colors and spots. wow. you have to be very happy with these lambs!