Friday, May 22, 2009


Twinkie duck and her first hatchlings--Cupcake, Hostess, Little Debbie and Dingdong. They are about 10 days old now. All appear to be silver headed Australians Spotteds.Black duck(a Silky/Aussie cross)and her new brood hatched during our heatwave on Thursday. Several will be black like their mom. Three are Australian Spotteds, as I snuck some eggs into her nest.
Blue duck just hatched out her four eggs(this was the third try as the first two batches of eggs under her weren't fertile due to poor weather). She must have thought they'd never hatch as she's been on a nest for 42 days. We found out black duck managed to sneak two of her eggs into the nest. Oh well.

Susan is still working on hatching hers out and since she placed her nest at the base of one of the grain barrels I open up twice a day she is very upset much of the time. She will undoubtedly be rabid by the time her ducklings hatch out,and she's setting seven eggs.


Juliann said...

Those are some beautiful ducks. I love bantam ducks! Can't keep 'em though, the hawks get them everytime.

Karen Valley said...

Fortunately we have many trees around our garden area, so even though the hawks sometimes try they typically are seen by the ducks before they can actually grab one. The other night we had four bantam ducks dive down off our roof to avoid getting hit by a lovely red-tail.

They went into their barn very quickly that night and didn't sass us at all.

stephen rouse said...

I love these ducks. If i thought they would not get hit in our road and that our dogs wouldn't harm them (lgd's) I'd surely get some! LOve the black cross. She's so elegant!