Thursday, March 20, 2008


Winter Sky Tennyson X Winter Sky Kismet. Dark moorit ewe lamb and her black brother who appears to have no horns. Many more are on their way.


Dancing Angels Winsome--White with black tail tip doeling out of Twincreeks ADG Aria and sired by CH/MCH Dancing Angels Cool Your Jets. $200. SOLD
Dancing Angels Little Voice--Three year old heavily splashed dark buckskin doe sired by Twincreeks WB Rain Beau and out of Sugarcreek PT Show Girl(full sister to ARMCH/GCH Sugarcreek PT Show Tunes *M). This doe has dairy character, charm, levelness, correct legs and a very nicely attached udder with proper teat placement. Reluctantly offered for sale to a show home only as we feel she needs to be in the ring being seen. $400. SOLD

TX Twincreeks ADG Aria--Yearling light buckskin doe sired by Twincreeks Adagio X Twincreeks PDF Sarafina. Numerous champion lines. Very dairy, loose-skinned, flat-ribbed doe with nice body capacity. Had triplets unassisted and is a calm, patient mother. Udder looks promising, but it will be some time before we can evaluate it as she is raising kids right now. $350. SOLD after kids are weaned.
Dancing Angels Masquerade--CH/GCH Dancing Angels Cool Your Jets X Dancing Angels Little Voice(Twincreeks WB Rain Beau X Sugarcreek PT Show Girl). Black and white yearling first freshener with a beautifully attached udder...long and dairy. $350. SOLD Her daughter sired by Twincreeks Court N Spark is available for $250. White with chocolate buckskin splashes. SOLD Dancing Angels Decibel--TX Twincreeks PDF Megapixel(CH Pecan Hollow Dance Fever X MCH/CH Twincreeks WB Madame Butterfly *M). Black with white doe kid born in mid-January--$200. SOLD Dancing Angels Andante--CH/MCH Dancing Angels Cool Your Jets X Twincreeks ADG Aria(Twincreeks Adagio X Twincreeks PDF Sarafina 5*M)Blue eyed triplet buckling(three days old in photo). $250. Dancing Angels Jet Blue--CH/MCH Dancing Angels Cool Your Jets X Twincreeks ADG Aria--Blue eyed triplet very dairy doeling--$300.