Saturday, November 28, 2015


Numerous knitgoods and beautiful, unique handspun Shetland yarns available for that special person in your life.  Can also work with you to produce something as there is still time before the holidays.  Stop in at the Marquette Commons from 9-1 every Saturday through December 12th.

Friday, November 6, 2015


 This morning after sending Wintertime BVD and a few ewes to Minnesota to form a breeding group yesterday....I sorted sheep using oats, a pan and some panels and my fenced driveway which connects all three barns.  The above group is being run by Wintertime Blue Jay(18 AFD mid-side this fall)who is a dark blue-grey katmoget son of Skylark and Sheltrgpines Blue Danube.  His harem includes Marrakech and her Ag daughter Samarkand(1st Colored Lamb Fleece MSSBA 2015 and a special award), Sheltrgpines Arya(Granddaughter of Wintertime BoB out of Sheltrgpines Sonatina)who is a spotted grey katmoget, Wintertime Malia and Spinnersend Mousa(both BoB a true black and the other a solid-sided shaela gulmoget)and Sheltrgpines Lien(GCH Fleece MSSBA 2014 and 1st Mature White MSSBA 2015)and Winter Sky Mandalay(GCH Ewe and Reserve Supreme CH 2013 MSSBA Show). Should produce some lovely true blacks, dark grey katmogets and hopefully an awesome polled white ram or ewe lamb.
 Tasman(colored Cormo ram lamb)with his two ewes...both very fine-fleeced.  Maire is the Merino on the right with the white nose....Rose is the rose-grey Cormo/Bond ewe.  Both of these ewes were with Wintertime BVD(spotted polled fawn katmoget with a very fine fleece)prior to going in with Tasman.  He is in for back-up and experience as he was somewhat naive when he first got on the farm.  Think the Shetland boys taught him some stuff over the past month though as he went right to work encouraging both of them to think of him if they cycle.
Dreamcatcher Samurai(Moorit flecket half-poll BoB grandson)in with his group of five--Kathmandu(BoB X Mandalay)moorit, Milano(half-poll dark moorit flecket ewe)and her BoB daughter Twiggy....Jakarta(Musket daughter of Wintertime Moose(Best Fleece on Hoof 2014 MSSBA)X Wintertime Morocco(Twice GCH Fleece at various venues)and Style(Solid sided black gulmoget).  Samurai is for sale the end of this month....20 AFD mid-side this fall.  Extremely correct hindend with a perfect tail.  And lots of spots.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


 ROSE--Three year old Bond/Cormo X--22.2/4.7/20.9/8.6/95.5 CF/21.6 SF.   Bred to BoB.

 Maire--Two year old Dohne bred Merino--22.0/3.4/15.3/6.3/98.8 CF/20.5 SF.  Bred to BoB.

 China--Six year old Cormo ewe--19.8/3.1/15.6/5.7/99.4 CF/18.5 SF.  Bred to BoB.

 Sheltrgpines Lourre--Two year old Shetland/Cormo X.   23.7/4.8/20.2/8.4/92.5/22.9.  Bred to BoB.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


 Wintertime Blurred Lines(3)--28.2/4.6/16.2/8.1/70.9/26.4 CF.  Bred to BoB for April.  Black gulmoget/katmoget with exceptionally nice type overall.  Fleece is consistent and has nice lock structure, crimp, luster and length.  She will be retained in the flock despite being over our limit for AFD.

 Sheltrgpines Lien(2)22.3/3.7/16.4/6.4/98.2/20.9 CF.  Bred to BoB for later April lambs.  Lovely white ewe I purchased from my friend Stephen at Sheltering Pines.  He retained her twin sister Gavotte.  Her fleece easily won GCH fleece at the 2014 MSSBA show under judge Mary Gibbings despite being very grey on the lock end(it never rained prior to shearing to give her a good bathing).  This ewe exhibits good type and a fairly easygoing demeanor.  She will be retained.

 Ramble N Chiquita(2)23.4/4.5/19.0/8.4/93.3/22.4 CF.  Fawn.  Bred to BoB for mid-April lambs.  Another really typey ewe who is sired by BoB's full brother Blake.  Unrelated lines to our flock on her dam's side make her one of the ewe's we plan to retain.  She hates people and was just barely under control for her photo shoot.  She has the longest fleece in the flock but is very consistent from front to back.

 Wintertime Morocco(3)27.2/5.9/21.8/10.4/71.6/26.7 CF. Spotted musket. Bred to Moose for late April lambs.  GCH Fleece MSSBA 2013 under judge Gillian Wakeling and GCH Shetland Fleece at MFF with her second fleece under judge Letty Klein.  Morocco needs a nicer head on her so she is bred to Moose who is just "pretty".  Morocco's fleece has a higher AFD and SD but has a very silky hand to it that makes you just want to keep sinking your fingers into it.  She has a perfect little Shetland tail and is spotted.   She may be for sale this summer as we have two half-sisters and many other related sheep in the flock.

 Sheltrgpines Blue Danube(3)25.5/4.7/18.6/8.0/86.7/24.3 CF.  Bred to Skylark for mid-April lambs.  Danube is a complete flake and can never decide if she wants to be around people or absolutely fears us all.  Her fleece is that deep blue color that doesn't translate in photos well.  Nice handle to it and lock structure.  She is a little weak in the back end, so we crossed her with Skylark who is a solid modified black polled ram in the hopes of some lovely emsket lambs.  She is spoke for if we decide to sell her.

 Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally(6)24.2/4.6/19.1/7.4/93.0/23.2 CF.  Bred to BoB for early April lambs.  Another deep blue-grey katmoget ewe with a very typey look about her and an attitude to match.  I know she would survive anything the Islands threw at her if she could take a plane trip over there.  Sally can be rooed completely every spring.  Her fleece is dense with a more cottony handle to it.  She has produced some really nice ram lambs crossed with BoB.  I am hoping for a ewe lamb this season.  She will probably be retained.

 Wintertime Cinnamon Sugar(2)22.6/4.0/17.8/6.8/97.9/21.5 CF. Fawn katmoget with spotting on her head. Bred to Moose for early May.  The only resident in our flock from the Maple Sugar line Cinnamon has it all in my opinion.  Very strong, solid, large ewe with a nice tail and very typey head.  This will be her first lambing.  She is being retained.

 Winter Sky Mandalay(4)25.4/5.0/19.7/9.0/86.2/24.4 CF.  Black with some grey fibers coming in now.  Bred to BoB for April lambs.  Out of my favorite ewe Marrakech(photos next photo shoot)this ewe won Best Fleece on Hoof and Best Dam and Daughter with her dam as a ewe lamb at the first MSSBA Show judged by UK judges.  We skipped a year and brought her back in 2013 when she won GCH Ewe and Reserve Supreme CH despite being completely wild and almost getting away from Meg a couple times(She was on fire.).  This past fall her son won Best Fleece on Hoof as a yearling ram.  The cross with BoB produced two beautiful ewe lambs for us last spring.  We hope for the same again this spring.  Mandalay may be for sale depending on how many lambs and yearlings we retain.

 Wintertime Alanis(5)27.1/4.7/17.5/8.3/78.1/25.6 CF.  Black.  Bred to Moose for mid-April lambs.  GCH Ewe and Reserve Supreme CH 2014 MSSBA Show(the only time she was shown).  We would love an entire flock of ewes like Alanis.  She has twinned for four years in a row and holds condition well while producing nice healthy, growthy lambs.  She is BoB's dam.  She is probably going to be retained but we won't know for sure until we have lambed everyone out and made some tough decisions.

 Undertheson Moire(4)26.4/4.8/18.1/8.3/81.1/25.1 CF.  Bred to BoB for early April lambs.  An attempt to bring in some outside lines this ewe has a very solid build on her, good tail, lovely head.  She has put on quite a bit of body capacity since joining our flock in August.  She does love her hay!  Not keen on her mixed fibered fleece although the handle is nice and silky and it should produce a nice tweedy yarn.  Bred to BoB who has shown the ability to produce quality fleeced lambs from a wide range of ewes.  She is for sale after lambs are weaned.

 Wintertime Ruby(9)25.1/5.7/22.6/10.6/83.3/24.8 CF.  Bred to Moose for later April lambs.  Moose has produced some really good breeding stock that has gone on to make a difference in the Shetlands being produced in N.A.  She has earned a nice retirement and this will be her last lambing.  She will be spending the rest of her winters with the ewe lambs that don't get bred.
 Wintertime Kerry Hill(2)24.0/4.4/18.5/8.2/92.4/22.9 CF.  Bred to Moose for April lambs.  A rare grey ilget patterned ewe sired by BoB.  Her fleece exhibits a lot of the qualities BoB puts on his offspring.  She is a smaller ewe with nice solid build.  Tail needs improving as it is short but more triangular.  She is for sale after lambs are weaned.

 Winter Sky Marrakech(6)25.1/6.1/24.4/11.1/80.2/25.2.  This ewe had a rough start in life and some setbacks but this year she is in excellent shape and bred to BoB for mid-April lambs.  She is our best producer for very fine/soft/lustrous fleeces.  She is being retained and kept on a diet of some fresh kale once a day.

 Spinnersend Mousa(2)24.6/4.5/18.3/8.2/90.9/23.4.  Bred to Wintertime Skylark for later April lambs.  This ewe is smaller like most BoB's offspring with an extremely nice, consistent fleece and lovely type.  She is being retained as she is a rare shaela gulmoget.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Flock had a good year of great hay and good pasture.  All condition score in the 4 range except for one ewe I would say is a three.  Many of these sheep will be for sale this summer, as I have four yearlings to work with and lambs to consider.  If you are interested in any of the above, please let me know and I will let you know if they are available after lambing has finished up the beginning of May.  Can send photos and fleece samples out of any of the sheep in our flock upon request.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


 The katmoget group.  Cinnamon is bred to Moose(moorit).  Danube is bred to Skylark(black).  Sally and Lines are both bred to BoB.  Sally may be for sale to the right farm come summer.
 The blacks.  Moire and Mandalay are both bred to BoB.  Alanis is bred to Moose.  Moire will be for sale this summer.
 The Ag group.  One of our finest groups.  Morocco and Kerry are both bred to Moose.  Marrakech and Chiquita are both bred to Moose.  Kerry will probably be for sale this summer.
 A shaela gulmoget BoB daughter.  She is bred to Skylark(a BoB son)and will not be for sale.
 A lovely white ewe bred to BoB.  Her fleece was GCH over 40 fleeces at the WI Sheep & Wool Festival Shetland Fleece Show.  Mary Gibbings said she was the obvious GCH despite looking as though she had lived in a coal mine.  Our winters are long and the dust in the barns settles on these girls...What can I say?
Our two mature moorits.  Ruby is a flock matriarch and has produced some amazingly nice Shetlands.  Moose won Best Fleece on Hoof at the MSSBA Show in 2014 and won Mary Gibbings praise for his lovely head.  He was bred to Ruby.