Tuesday, February 17, 2015


 The katmoget group.  Cinnamon is bred to Moose(moorit).  Danube is bred to Skylark(black).  Sally and Lines are both bred to BoB.  Sally may be for sale to the right farm come summer.
 The blacks.  Moire and Mandalay are both bred to BoB.  Alanis is bred to Moose.  Moire will be for sale this summer.
 The Ag group.  One of our finest groups.  Morocco and Kerry are both bred to Moose.  Marrakech and Chiquita are both bred to Moose.  Kerry will probably be for sale this summer.
 A shaela gulmoget BoB daughter.  She is bred to Skylark(a BoB son)and will not be for sale.
 A lovely white ewe bred to BoB.  Her fleece was GCH over 40 fleeces at the WI Sheep & Wool Festival Shetland Fleece Show.  Mary Gibbings said she was the obvious GCH despite looking as though she had lived in a coal mine.  Our winters are long and the dust in the barns settles on these girls...What can I say?
Our two mature moorits.  Ruby is a flock matriarch and has produced some amazingly nice Shetlands.  Moose won Best Fleece on Hoof at the MSSBA Show in 2014 and won Mary Gibbings praise for his lovely head.  He was bred to Ruby.

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