Friday, February 6, 2015


Sometimes bad things just happen for no apparent reason....Barra went south to a friend's farm to spend the fall in a small breeding group with some ewes I owned that were heading out to other handspinners' farms.  All went well and after those ewes left Barra went in with the Sheltering Pines flock to breed all those ewes as well.  He was doing well, looking good, and acting even better but mysteriously was found dead one evening in January.

His legacy will live on in the lambs that will be born this spring.  Barra was a true spotted shaela ram with a very fine 19 micron fleece at last rib on his first test.  He will be missed.
 Barra surrounded by Sheltrgpines Opal(Blues X Amethyst), Wintertime Madrid and Wintertime Camisole.  Wintertime Evie and Wintertime Licorice are below.  Some Barra lambs will be for sale this summer.