Thursday, December 4, 2014


Wintertime BoB--Two year old scurred true black sired by Winter Sky Khan and out of Wintertime Alanis

     Winter Sky Mandalay(True black three year old)--Show wins for fleece and conformation.

     Winter Sky Marrakech(Ag five year old)--RGCH Show win as a mature ewe.

     Sheltrgpines Lien(White yearling)--GCH fleece MSSBA 2014.

      Wintertime Blurred Lines(Grey gul/kat two year old)--Very nice type and fiber.

       Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally(Grey kat five year old)--Typey with fleece that roos.

       Whistlestop 0427(Black ten year old Drum Ram daughter)--Typey and small.  Not recently

       Ramble N Chiquita(Fawn Wintertime Blake daughter)--Lovely yearling.  Blake is BoB's full
                    brother.  20.7/3.8/18.3/7.0/99.1

       Wintertime Milano(Moorit flecket ewe lamb)--Large enough to breed.  Lovely build.  Fourth
                   in large MSSBA class.  Not tested yet.

        Rose(Bond X Cormo)light moorit two year old--20.7/4.4/21.4/97.6

        Maire(Dohne bred spotted Merino yearling--21.7/3.3/15.2/98.6

        Lourre(Cormo X Shetland black spotted yearling)--21.9/3.9/17.3/7.0/98.5

        China(Cormo six year old)Not recently tested.

Wintertime Moose--Best Fleece on Hoof MSSBA 2014 as a yearling--moorit with no mixed fibers.

       Wintertime Alanis--True black four year old GCH MSSBA 2014.

        Wintertime Cinnamon Sugar--Fawn katmoget yearling with very fine fiber.

         Wintertime Kerry Hill--Grey ilget yearling BoB daughter with very soft, dense fiber.

         Wintertime Ruby--Eight year old matriarch with some exceptional offspring in various flocks.
                      24.5 last rib AFD.

Wintertime Skylark--Modified black yearling third place MSSBA 2014.  He will be covering some ewes at other farms this winter as well.  20.4/3.6/17.6/6.4/99.3

          Spinners End Mousa--Emsket spotted gulmoget yearling BoB daughter.

          Sheltrgpines Blue Danube--Dark grey katmoget two year old ewe with good wool coverage.



Barb's Place said...

Wow! You have a lot more snow than we do. The girls are looking good. It's gonna be a long winter.

Glen Tamarack said...

Hi Karen,

What is the best e-mail address to reply to your queries about Tasha and Victoria at? I am not doing Facebook messaging now that they've changed it.

Facebook is getting awful, thus I have become paranoid about their new messaging system as well as some other things. As soon as I can figure out how to copy and paste some specific legalese wording, I'm going to post a disclaimer on my Facebook site that they do NOT have my permission to use any of my photos or posts. The disclaimer doesn't have legal standing if it is only shared, has to be posted directly on one's own site if one wants any legal recourse later. Source is WEAU Channel 13 newscast--I was away when the program was aired around new year's but a friend saw it and has posted an appropriate disclaimer on her site.

Terry Dukerschein

Glen Tamarack said...

120120Disclaimer on FB is a hoax--and an old one, too. Nothing posted on FB is private, although I'not really sure how they handle their newest messaging setup.