Monday, September 20, 2010


Had fleeces shown at WI Sheep & Wool Festival. Our two Cormo X fleeces were first in both their classes(Jr. & Open Show)for natural colored fine-wools. Then Raggedy's fleece was GCH for natural colored Division in the Jr. Show. Gryffindor's fleece was RGCH for natural colored Division in the Open Show. Raggedy was third for overall fleece amongst the GCH winners in both shows. We look forward to next year when we will have some even nicer fleeces to show in more color variation.

Drove 1200 miles in 60 hours through the beauty that is northern Minnesota and met some very nice Nigerian Dwarf and Shetland breeders. Brought home a heavily moonspotted buck for Meghan along with a Cou Clair doe for my milker for next season. And two ram lambs for Meg's flock along with two lovely ewe lambs--all polled lines or carrying polled lines.

Pretty exhausted from the trip but did manage yesterday to spend seven hours ripping out 50 feet of old garden fence and front gate and replacing it with new posts and fencing to keep the deer out. New fence looks lovely in comparison and now I just have another 150 feet to redo.

Next roadtrip will be into WI on Sunday to deliver Bailleys to his new owner. Then I can get into the garden and start getting it ready for winter. Our firewood is in for the most part and the grass is still green so the sheep are happy and the Shetlands are getting ready for breeding season. The Cormo X's are already in with Gryffindor and Aly is already bred. Will have photos by the end of next week as we are going to pull coats, do feet and check out fleeces.

Speaking of which we got our fall test results back on Meghan's ram lambs and they did very well. I believe our average is 20-21 at last rib. Will be able to post the actual results when I remember to bring them into town with me.