Friday, February 8, 2013


 Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally(Wintertime Blues X Sheltrgpine Salicional)Twin katmoget ewe.  Fourth fleece.  She rooed late spring in 2012.  Bred to Boer Goat. 
 Wintertime Sky(Winter Sky Khan X Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally)Twin katmoget ewe lamb.  Exposed to BoB.
Sheltrgpines Blue Danube(Sheltrgpines Grand Luxe X Sheltrgpines L'Air du Temps).  Exposed to BoB.


 Rambl N Bonnett(double Sheltrgpines Shagbark daughter)--Lamb fleece--Open this spring.
 Wintertime Brown Sugar(Wintertime Grasshopper X Wintertime Maple Sugar)--Fawn katmoget with a hint of gold to her fiber--Lamb fleece.  Bred to BoB.
 Wintertime Elfin(Wintertime Grasshopper X Wintertime Ruby)--Moorit smirslet ewe lamb.  Exposed to BoB.
 Eweshaveit Kate(Winter Sky Reeses X Winter Sky Kinsey)Moorit smirslet ewe.  Second fleece after a late May shearing.  Bred to Boer Goat.
 Wintertime Painted Lady(Full sister to Brown Sugar)--Spotted fawn katmoget.  Bred to BoB.
 Wintertime Milan(Eweshaveit John Doe X Winter Sky Mandalay)--Moorit carbon copy of her dam with a denser fleece.  Exposed to BoB.
 Wintertime Morocco(Winter Sky Khan X Winter Sky Marrakech)Musket twin spotted ewe lamb.  Not bred this year.
 Wintertime Twix(Wintertime Barqs X Farview Farm Sweet Tart)Moorit gulmoget coming two year old bred to Boer Goat.
Wintertime Vanity Fair(Wintertime Grasshopper X Wintertime Chiffon)--Spotted fawn katmoget who was second behind Mandalay for Best Fleece On Hoof in 2011 at Jefferson.  Exposed to Boer Goat. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013


 Wintertime Anime(Wintertime Waterbug X Wintertime Alanis)Spotted grey--second fleece--sheared the end of May 2012.  Bred to Boer Goat.
 Wintertime Boer Goat(Wintertime Barqs X Wintertime Ladybug)Caped moorit flecket horned ram--Second fleece.  Rooed early May 2012.
Ramble N Bianca--First fleece.  A Sheltrgpines Shagbark granddaughter. 
Winter Sky Marrakech(Wintertime Black Forrest X Winter Sky Calypso)--Spotted Ag RGCH Ewe Jefferson 2011.  Fourth fleece.  Rooed June 2012. & her 2012 ewe lamb Madrid sired by Winter Sky Khan.

Baa Baa Black Shetlands 2012 Fleece Samples

Wintertime Alanis(Wintertime Fudge X Winter Sky Alafair)--third fleece--rooed mid-May 2012.  Bred to Boer Goat.
 Wintertime Angry Bird(Wintertime Boer Goat X Wintertime Anime)--Lamb fleece.  Spotted ewe lamb with excellent type.  Exposed to B.o.B.
 Wintertime B.o.B.(Winter Sky Khan X Wintertime Alanis)--Lamb fleece.  Bred to many of the ewe lambs.
 Winter Sky Mandalay(Winter Sky Khan X Winter Sky Marrakech)Best Fleece On Hoof Jefferson 2011.  This is her second fleece. She was sheared the end of May 2012.  Bred to Boer Goat.
 Wintertime Katniss(Wintertime Blanket X Wintertime Kashmir)Lamb fleece.  Spotted black ewe lamb exposed to B.o.B.
Wintertime Kashmir(Wintertime Black Forrest X Winter Sky Khaya)Full sister to Khan.  Second fleece after being sheared the end of May 2012.  Bred to Boer Goat.