Saturday, November 9, 2013


A few photos of Wintertime B.o.B.'s breeding group as he is busy and doesn't want to be disturbed by a stalking camera person.  This is Alanis(black), Madrid(Ag grey)and Morocco(Musket).  Morocco and Madrid won 1st and 2nd and GCH and RGCH fleece at WI Sheep & Wool under Gillian Wakeling this fall.  B.o.B.'s fleece won the rooed class and GCH as well.  Hoping for some lovely lambs with outstanding fiber from these crosses. 
Winter Sky Mandalay(Reserve Supreme CH at WI Sheep & Wool under Maurice Wakeling this fall)on the left.  Mustang Sally in the middle and B.o.B. on the right.
River Oaks Maya(emsket gulmoget two year old)and Wintertime Kashmir(third place fleece at WI Sheep & Wool and aunt to B.o.B.).
The patriarch of our flock--Wintertime Ruby--six years old and still holding a beautifully soft fleece. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


 We sheared or rooed 23 sheep this spring.  I had to ship out a number of fleeces for my market yarns early on but kept back a few I hoped would be competitive.  We ended up showing five fleeces....four in the single-coated colored Shetland class(Morocco, Madrid, Vanity and Kashmir) and one in the rooed class(B.o.B.).  The judge, Gillian Wakeling, really liked our fleeces when they came up on the  table.  I don't have photos from the show as our camera ended up staying in the motel room, but they did look nice.  Took these after we got home.  Morocco was first, Madrid was second, Kashmir's second fleece was third.  Morocco and Madrid took GCH and RGCH overall.  Then B.o.B.'s fleece won the rooed category and GCH there as well.  Kelly Bartels had a lovely shaela fleece in the rooed category that won second and RGCH.  A lovely way to statt the day and much easier than showing actual sheep!  LOL.
This is Morocco's fleece at home after being messed with a bit taken with my less-then-perfect camera skills.  Meghan was in the audience whilst I helped unroll and roll fleeces for the judge and she said there were audible gasps about the color and crimp when it came up for judging.  And to think I almost didn't show it because I felt it might not be quite fine enough overall.

We then went on to the showring.  We had 23 lambs born this spring.  23 seems to be becoming a theme here.  We selected four to bring to the show...all moorits.  Two ram lambs sired by Boer Goat from very different dams--S.I. out of Vanity Fair and Moose out of Mandalay.  Two ewe lambs sired by full brothers B.o.B. and Blake out of Angry Bird and Milan.  We also brought a yearling Grasshopper daughter Painted Lady out of Maple Sugar.  And for mature ewes we brought Marrakech(who wasn't in the best shape due to fluke issues last fall)and her two year old daughter Mandalay.  We really wanted to bring them back for Dam and Daughter.

In a class of 19 ram lambs we placed second with Moose and fourth with S.I.  Second in pair of ram lambs. The judge said it was a close one to call with the first place pair owned by Theresa Gygi.  In ewe lambs we placed 2nd and 4th once again.  Wren took the second place and Sicily the fourth.  In pairs there were a close second behind Theresa's katmoget pair(one of which won the ewe lamb class).  In yearlings Meghan and Painted Lady got a fifth place.  In mature ewes Meghan managed to control Mandalay who is very spirited to a first place.  Marrakech was fifth.  Mandalay won GCH overall for ewes.  Mandalay and Marrakech were fourth for Dam and Daughter.  Moose was second for Best Fleece on Hoof.  And Mandalay won Reserve Supreme Champion of the show and then tried to remove the potted mums from the show table after a mad dash across the ring....somewhat reminiscent of her dam's leap two years ago after winning RGCH ewe.

We went with very low expectations and were absolutely thrilled to place in every class and win such high honors with Mandalay.  I applaud Marrakech(Wintertime Black Forrest X Winter Sky Calypso)for proving to be such a strong ewe line in our flock.  Mandalay is her daughter.  Moose is her grandson.  Siciliy is sher great-granddaughter.  Nuf said!

Thursday, August 22, 2013


 Sire:  Sheltrgpines Fanfare--Lamb fleece 20 AFD/3.9 SD/19 CV/98.9 CF/19.4 SF.  Dam is Wintertime Maple Sugar.  Fourth fleece was 24.5 AFD. 
Perfect tail.  Hocks do turn in but he has nice width behind.
 Fleece is honey-colored with very silky, soft handle and nice length throughout. 
Long-bodied and tall for a late March twin ram lamb.  We just will not be using any horned rams this season, so he needs a new home.  $250 delivered to Jefferson. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Florence(moorit smirslet daughter of Alanis X Boer Goat), Painted Lady(yearling spotted fawn katmoget), Kashmir(black)and her daughter Camisole, Danube(blue-grey katmoget)and Mandalay bringing up the rear.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mature Ewes For Sale

 Wintertime Angry Bird--Intermediate fleece black spotted solid yearling ewe.  Lambed without problems with a lovely single spotted moorit ewe lamb.  Longer fleece with bold crimp.  Very spotted and squarely built.  $200.
 Wintertime Brown Sugar--Long, silky, crimpy fibered fawn katmoget ewe that had an extremely flashy spotted fawn katmoget ewe lamb without assistance.  SOLD.
Wintertime Twix--Moorit gulmoget ewe lamb with slight krunet marking.  One of the nicer fleeced gulmoget ewes in the country.  Two years old.  Twinned this year with two ewe lambs.  $200.00 after lambs are weaned.  SOLD.

Friday, April 26, 2013



 Wintertime Anime--Wintertime Waterbug X Wintertime Alanis Ag spotted two year old ewe.  Always throws spots and appears to be homozygous for black/grey.  $200.  Nice disposition and good mother.  Her ram lamb is in the background.  SOLD.  Thanks Barb.
 Wintertime Twix--Moorit gulmoget two year old ewe sired by Wintertime Barqs and out of Farview Farm Sweet Tart.  Another sweet ewe with excellent type.  Not as milky as we would like but her first lamb died early from urinary blockage, so this may have had an impact on her.  $250 OBO.  SOLD.
 Moorit smirslet ewe lamb on the right is Wintertime Tulip--Wintertime Boer Goat X Eweshaveit Kate.  $250 OBO.  Very sweet with a silky fleece type. SOLD.  Thanks Barb.  Sister is also SOLD.
 Wintertime Angry Bird--Black smirslet yearling ewe with her moorit blettet ewe lamb by side.   Nice overall type but fleece is medium type--longer and dense with good solid black color. $200.
 Wintertime Silk Stockings--Wintertime Boer Goat X Wintertime Kashmir black krunet twin ewe lamb.  $200.  SOLD.
 Wintertime Sky--dark blue-grey katmoget yearling ewe sired by Winter Sky Khan and out of Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally.  Excellent mothering.  Had a smooth polled black ram lamb this spring.  $300.  SOLD.
 Wintertime Milan--Red moorit krunet very fine yearling ewe sired by Eweshaveit John Doe and out of Winter Sky Mandalay.  Very fine fleeces in this line.  She has a look-alike ewe lamb we are retaining.  $350 OBO. SOLD.
 Wintertime Brown Sugar--Fawn katmoget twin yearling ewe sired by Wintertime  Grasshopper and out of Wintertime Maple Sugar.  Lovely, longer, dense fleece with golden hue.  Sweet ewe.  $200 without her lamb. SOLD.
Black horned blettet twin ram lamb sired by Wintertime Boer Goat out of Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally.  Just lovely to look at with a dense, consistent, crimpy fleece.  $200 at weaning. Will be down at Stephen Rouse's farm in Allegan, MI.  Horns are developing nicely. 

Micron tests were done on all the mature stock this year and were posted previously on this blog.  Last rib fleece samples and additional photos can be sent upon request. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Well the Boer Goat lambs arrived rather rapidly over the last 48 hours.  Below are a few photos of the newborns. 
 Twin moorit & white flecked ewe lambs out of Eweshaveit Kate.
 Single grey flecked ram lamb out of Anime--"Matrix".  And single polled moorit smirslet ram lamb out of Vanity Fair--"S.I."

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


 Wintertime Kashmir(Wintertime Black Forrest X Winter Sky Khaya)--Two year old ewe.  Dam of Katniss...carries spots.
 Wintertime Vanity Fair--Two year old spotted fawn katmoget daughter of Wintertime Grasshopper out of Wintertime Chiffon. 
 Eweshaveit Kate--Winter Sky Buster II X Winter Sky Kinsey--linebred on Tennyson.  This will be her first lambing and it is eagerly anticipated.
 Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally--Wintertime Blues X Sheltrgpines Salicional dark grey katmoget three year old who roos(obviously).  Always has nice large lambs despite her short stature.  A fiercesome mother.
Wintertime Anime--Wintertime Waterbug X Wintertime Alanis spotted grey.  Last year this breeding produced the lovely Angry Bird shown below.  Bird is bred to B.o.B. who is an Alanis son for a linebreeding on one of our favorite ewe lines. 


 Twin ewe lambs out of Wintertime Alanis sired by Wintertime Boer Goat.  The moorit smirslet is Florence.  The black(may be modified)blettet is Kree.  Both will be staying on the farm with their dam for the forseeable future.  They were waiting for me in the barn on Easter morning.  Better than chocolate bunnies and jelly beans I would say!
 On Tuesday just after I left for town Meghan discovered Danube in front of the barn with this lovely grey kat ram lamb(some spotting on his face).  His sire is B.o.B. who is a solid black Alanis son.  Beautiful fleece and overall look on this young fellow and both of his parents tested in the low 20's with their first fleeces.  He has horns and will be for sale if he develops nicely.  His name is Thames.
 The first to lamb this season was Katniss(a very nice yearling krunet with a 21 micron fleece).  She was bred to BoB and had a mini-me daughter we have named Prim.  Prim is super friendly already and crouches or lays down when scratched.  Mom was a little over enthusiastic and nipped the end of Prim's tail off, but we believe it probably had a white tip just like her dam's.  Katniss is for sale.  Prim may be as well.  We shall see what the rest of our lambing season brings us.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The samples were all taken at the last rib midway down the end of January.  We shear the end of May, so lengths will be a little shorter than a year's growth. 

Wintertime Alanis(3)--Black ewe--25.6 AFD/4.6 SD/18.0 CV/8.0 CEM/86.0 CF/ 24.4 SF

Wintertime Angry Bird(1)--Black smirslet ewe lamb--25.5 AFD/6.0 SD/23.5 CV/10.2 CEM/79.0 CF/25.4

Wintertime Anime(2)--Spotted grey ewe--27.6 AFD/4.2 SD/15.2 CV/7.1 CEM/ 76.8 CF/25.7 SF

Ramble N Bianca(1)--White ewe lamb--23.2 AFD/4.6 SD/20 CV/ 8.1 CEM/ 94.6 CF/22.4 SF

Wintertime BoB(1)--Black ram lamb--21.0 AFD/3.9 SD/18.5 CV/6.8 CEM/98.4 CF/20.1 SF

Wintertime Boer Goat(2)--Flecket ram--23.7 AFD/4.4 SD/18.7 CV/7.7 CEM/94.2 CF/22.4 SF

RambleN Bonnett(1)--Fawn ewe lamb--23.4 AFD/4.5 SD/19.0 CV/8.1 CEM/94.4 CF/22.4 SF

Wintertime Brown Sugar(1)--Fawn kat ewe lamb--24.3 AFD/4.1 SD/17.1 CV/6.7 CEM/95.0 CF/22.9

SP Blue Danube(1)--Grey kat ewe lamb--21.1 AFD/3.7 SD/ 17.5 CV/6.6 CEM/99.0 CF/20.0 SF

Wintertime Elfin(1)--Moorit smirslet ewe lamb--24.6 AFD/4.8 SD/19.5 CV/8.3 CEM/89.4 CF/23.7

Wintertime Kashmir(2)--Black w/moonspot--25.4 AFD/4.9 SD/19.4 CV/9.1 CEM/85.5 CF/24.4

EHI Kate(2)--Moorit smirslet ewe--26.3 AFD/5.0 SD/19.1 CV/8.6 CEM/80.7 CF/25.2 SF

Wintertime Katniss(1)-- Black krunet ewe lamb--21.4 AFD/5.0 SD/23.3 CV/9.3 CEM/95.5 CF/21.3

Wintertime Painted Lady(1)--Spotted fawn kat--23.1 AFD/4.1 SD/17.8 CV/7.1 CEM/96.7 CF/21.9

Wintertime Madrid(1)--Grey ewe lamb--22.6 AFD/3.7 SD/16.2 CV/6.2 CEM/98.5 CF/21.2 SF

Wintertime Mandalay(2)--Black ewe--23.8 AFD/4.0 SD/16.7 CV/7 CEM/95.5 CF/22.4 SF

Wintertime Marrakech(4)--Grey ewe--22.2 AFD/4.9 SD/21.9 CV/8.6 CEM/95.3 CF/21.8 SF

Wintertime Milan(1)--Moorit krunet ewe lamb--22.5 AFD/3.5 SD/15.7 CV/6 CEM/98.6 CF/21.0 SF

Wintertime Morocco(1)--Musket ewe lamb--20.7 AFD/3.8 SD/18.4 CV/6.8 CEM/99.2 CF/19.7

SP Mustang Sally(4)--Grey katmoget--26.4 AFD/3.7 SD/14.0 CV/6.2 CEM/88.8 CF/24.3 SF

Wintertime Sky(1)--Grey kat ewe lamb--22.4 AFD/4.1 SD/18.1 CV/6.8 CEM/98 CF/21.3 SF

Wintertime Twix(2)--Moorit gulmoget--26.6 AFD/4.4 SD/16.7 CV/7.9 CEM/81.1 CF/25.1 SF

Wintertime Vanity Fair(2)--Spotted fawn kat--26.9 AFD/3.9 SD/14.4 CV/6.6 CEM/85.7 CF/24.9 SF

We will have a number of proven animals for sale this summer.  The earlier you purchase the lower the prices will be.  Just contact us for more information.

Friday, February 8, 2013


 Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally(Wintertime Blues X Sheltrgpine Salicional)Twin katmoget ewe.  Fourth fleece.  She rooed late spring in 2012.  Bred to Boer Goat. 
 Wintertime Sky(Winter Sky Khan X Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally)Twin katmoget ewe lamb.  Exposed to BoB.
Sheltrgpines Blue Danube(Sheltrgpines Grand Luxe X Sheltrgpines L'Air du Temps).  Exposed to BoB.


 Rambl N Bonnett(double Sheltrgpines Shagbark daughter)--Lamb fleece--Open this spring.
 Wintertime Brown Sugar(Wintertime Grasshopper X Wintertime Maple Sugar)--Fawn katmoget with a hint of gold to her fiber--Lamb fleece.  Bred to BoB.
 Wintertime Elfin(Wintertime Grasshopper X Wintertime Ruby)--Moorit smirslet ewe lamb.  Exposed to BoB.
 Eweshaveit Kate(Winter Sky Reeses X Winter Sky Kinsey)Moorit smirslet ewe.  Second fleece after a late May shearing.  Bred to Boer Goat.
 Wintertime Painted Lady(Full sister to Brown Sugar)--Spotted fawn katmoget.  Bred to BoB.
 Wintertime Milan(Eweshaveit John Doe X Winter Sky Mandalay)--Moorit carbon copy of her dam with a denser fleece.  Exposed to BoB.
 Wintertime Morocco(Winter Sky Khan X Winter Sky Marrakech)Musket twin spotted ewe lamb.  Not bred this year.
 Wintertime Twix(Wintertime Barqs X Farview Farm Sweet Tart)Moorit gulmoget coming two year old bred to Boer Goat.
Wintertime Vanity Fair(Wintertime Grasshopper X Wintertime Chiffon)--Spotted fawn katmoget who was second behind Mandalay for Best Fleece On Hoof in 2011 at Jefferson.  Exposed to Boer Goat.