Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The samples were all taken at the last rib midway down the end of January.  We shear the end of May, so lengths will be a little shorter than a year's growth. 

Wintertime Alanis(3)--Black ewe--25.6 AFD/4.6 SD/18.0 CV/8.0 CEM/86.0 CF/ 24.4 SF

Wintertime Angry Bird(1)--Black smirslet ewe lamb--25.5 AFD/6.0 SD/23.5 CV/10.2 CEM/79.0 CF/25.4

Wintertime Anime(2)--Spotted grey ewe--27.6 AFD/4.2 SD/15.2 CV/7.1 CEM/ 76.8 CF/25.7 SF

Ramble N Bianca(1)--White ewe lamb--23.2 AFD/4.6 SD/20 CV/ 8.1 CEM/ 94.6 CF/22.4 SF

Wintertime BoB(1)--Black ram lamb--21.0 AFD/3.9 SD/18.5 CV/6.8 CEM/98.4 CF/20.1 SF

Wintertime Boer Goat(2)--Flecket ram--23.7 AFD/4.4 SD/18.7 CV/7.7 CEM/94.2 CF/22.4 SF

RambleN Bonnett(1)--Fawn ewe lamb--23.4 AFD/4.5 SD/19.0 CV/8.1 CEM/94.4 CF/22.4 SF

Wintertime Brown Sugar(1)--Fawn kat ewe lamb--24.3 AFD/4.1 SD/17.1 CV/6.7 CEM/95.0 CF/22.9

SP Blue Danube(1)--Grey kat ewe lamb--21.1 AFD/3.7 SD/ 17.5 CV/6.6 CEM/99.0 CF/20.0 SF

Wintertime Elfin(1)--Moorit smirslet ewe lamb--24.6 AFD/4.8 SD/19.5 CV/8.3 CEM/89.4 CF/23.7

Wintertime Kashmir(2)--Black w/moonspot--25.4 AFD/4.9 SD/19.4 CV/9.1 CEM/85.5 CF/24.4

EHI Kate(2)--Moorit smirslet ewe--26.3 AFD/5.0 SD/19.1 CV/8.6 CEM/80.7 CF/25.2 SF

Wintertime Katniss(1)-- Black krunet ewe lamb--21.4 AFD/5.0 SD/23.3 CV/9.3 CEM/95.5 CF/21.3

Wintertime Painted Lady(1)--Spotted fawn kat--23.1 AFD/4.1 SD/17.8 CV/7.1 CEM/96.7 CF/21.9

Wintertime Madrid(1)--Grey ewe lamb--22.6 AFD/3.7 SD/16.2 CV/6.2 CEM/98.5 CF/21.2 SF

Wintertime Mandalay(2)--Black ewe--23.8 AFD/4.0 SD/16.7 CV/7 CEM/95.5 CF/22.4 SF

Wintertime Marrakech(4)--Grey ewe--22.2 AFD/4.9 SD/21.9 CV/8.6 CEM/95.3 CF/21.8 SF

Wintertime Milan(1)--Moorit krunet ewe lamb--22.5 AFD/3.5 SD/15.7 CV/6 CEM/98.6 CF/21.0 SF

Wintertime Morocco(1)--Musket ewe lamb--20.7 AFD/3.8 SD/18.4 CV/6.8 CEM/99.2 CF/19.7

SP Mustang Sally(4)--Grey katmoget--26.4 AFD/3.7 SD/14.0 CV/6.2 CEM/88.8 CF/24.3 SF

Wintertime Sky(1)--Grey kat ewe lamb--22.4 AFD/4.1 SD/18.1 CV/6.8 CEM/98 CF/21.3 SF

Wintertime Twix(2)--Moorit gulmoget--26.6 AFD/4.4 SD/16.7 CV/7.9 CEM/81.1 CF/25.1 SF

Wintertime Vanity Fair(2)--Spotted fawn kat--26.9 AFD/3.9 SD/14.4 CV/6.6 CEM/85.7 CF/24.9 SF

We will have a number of proven animals for sale this summer.  The earlier you purchase the lower the prices will be.  Just contact us for more information.


Kelly said...

Great results....nice work.

Cynthia said...

It is so great to see your flock moving forward Karen. Such gorgeous sheep that so completely represent your hard work. YES!

Karen Valley said...

Thank you both for your support. I just hope this year's lambing goes as smoothly as last year's.