Wednesday, April 3, 2013


 Twin ewe lambs out of Wintertime Alanis sired by Wintertime Boer Goat.  The moorit smirslet is Florence.  The black(may be modified)blettet is Kree.  Both will be staying on the farm with their dam for the forseeable future.  They were waiting for me in the barn on Easter morning.  Better than chocolate bunnies and jelly beans I would say!
 On Tuesday just after I left for town Meghan discovered Danube in front of the barn with this lovely grey kat ram lamb(some spotting on his face).  His sire is B.o.B. who is a solid black Alanis son.  Beautiful fleece and overall look on this young fellow and both of his parents tested in the low 20's with their first fleeces.  He has horns and will be for sale if he develops nicely.  His name is Thames.
 The first to lamb this season was Katniss(a very nice yearling krunet with a 21 micron fleece).  She was bred to BoB and had a mini-me daughter we have named Prim.  Prim is super friendly already and crouches or lays down when scratched.  Mom was a little over enthusiastic and nipped the end of Prim's tail off, but we believe it probably had a white tip just like her dam's.  Katniss is for sale.  Prim may be as well.  We shall see what the rest of our lambing season brings us.