Wednesday, April 3, 2013


 Wintertime Kashmir(Wintertime Black Forrest X Winter Sky Khaya)--Two year old ewe.  Dam of Katniss...carries spots.
 Wintertime Vanity Fair--Two year old spotted fawn katmoget daughter of Wintertime Grasshopper out of Wintertime Chiffon. 
 Eweshaveit Kate--Winter Sky Buster II X Winter Sky Kinsey--linebred on Tennyson.  This will be her first lambing and it is eagerly anticipated.
 Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally--Wintertime Blues X Sheltrgpines Salicional dark grey katmoget three year old who roos(obviously).  Always has nice large lambs despite her short stature.  A fiercesome mother.
Wintertime Anime--Wintertime Waterbug X Wintertime Alanis spotted grey.  Last year this breeding produced the lovely Angry Bird shown below.  Bird is bred to B.o.B. who is an Alanis son for a linebreeding on one of our favorite ewe lines. 


Danny Hansen said...

Karen, do you have any non-polled carrying ewes? I may be interested in a fine-fleeced horned ram or a non-polled carrying ewe in the near future (next year or the year after). Ideally, I would like something niether related to Dillon, Fudge, Grasshopper, or Izzy (as that is primarily what I have in my flock). But, I realize that is like asking for a rooster without any crow. I currently have 3 strains of Dillon in my ewe flock flock, with one ewe possessing two of those. I have three strains of Izzy's genetics in my flock (Blues, Two ewes descending from Blues, one ewe from Sting, and one ram descending from Simon). Two strains of Moth's genetics, one from Sting, one from Simon.

Karen Valley said...

So sorry Danny but we do not have anything that would fit into your breeding plans and do not anticipate having anything either.

Danny Hansen said...