Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Thanks Stephen...I think?

Favorite Foods: Ice Cream(except mocha)

Fresh sun warmed berries of all types and colors

Shelled peas lightly steamed

Chocolate(except when coffee beans are involved)

Pecans(actually I've never met a nut I didn't like)

A really good burger(locally purchased grassfed Highland)

Fresh fish(we have whitefish and trout fresh from Superior)

Potatoes dug in the spring

Favorite restaurants: Border Grill

Oakland Bistro(in Kalamazoo)

Tu Kaluthia(Greek cafe in our library)

Babycakes Muffin Shop(good wraps and soups)

Red Lobster(truly remarkably "hot" waiter)

Any place where I do not have to do the dishes...

What I did on November 26th: Got the fire going in the wood cookstove.

Spun yarn for the farmer's market on Sat.

Got all the barns opened up and the animals out in the paddocks with their hay ration for the day.

Shot, sheared and necropsied a ewe lamb that I suspected had acute liver fluke. She'd been doing poorly for several weeks despite numerous treatments and I vowed if she started not rallying and showed signs of pain I wouldn't let her suffer. She was grinding her teeth and unable to rise this morning. She did have liver fluke but fortunately the rest of the flock is fine.

Nailed horizontal boards up along the back paddock fence to improve its height and hopefully keep predators out. I rebuilt all the paddocks this fall and am just finishing up now.

Put the critters to bed.

Fixed spaghetti for supper for Megs.

Got into my pj's and settled in to watch Grey's Anatomy which we rented.

Favorite stores: TSC(they just opened one about an hour south of us)

Target(because they don't have muzak)

Super One Foods(I've been shopping there since moving north and everyone knows me there.)

Farmer Q's(they sell me 45# boxes of apples for $5.00 for the sheep and these are high quality apples--sometimes even three for one)

Mares-Z-Doats(our local feed store)

Wish List: A calmer/saner world

A healthy planet

Contented people living with less "stuff"

Cars that run on hydrogen and have air flow instead of tires

A biodynamic way to fight parasites in livestock

A mild winter and early spring

A truly wonderful life for my daughter

Growing old gracefully and with a good sense of humor

Things I like to do with family: Sit with the sheep

Watch Casino Royale over and over again


Clean barns

Watch my daughter ride

Go somewhere out of the ordinary

I believe everyone whose blogs I read have already been tagged?