Thursday, August 21, 2014


 Meghan made the final fleece selections for WI Sheep & Wool Festival this year and chose Morocco's sister's fleece over hers to take along with another two year old we have on the farm.  So I took Morocco's fleece down to Michigan Fiber Fest this past weekend to see what the judge would think of it down there.  Bottom line is she thought it was a bit of heaven and once again Morocco's fiber brought ooh's and aah's from the crowd.  I also took our yearling black ewe Camisole's fleece down and it placed second, so a good weekend overall for our Shetlands.(Photo courtesy of Kim Nikolai)
 This was Morocco's first fleece at Jefferson in 2013 when the audience was invited to touch it.  Meghan said they all gasped when it was unrolled.  She took GCH overall at this show and our other fleeces placed 2nd and third with a RGCH win for her sister Madrid's fleece.(Photo courtesy of Dave Lewis)

And this is Morocco pre-shearing this May basically saying, "Would you please get this thing off of me asap!"  Next year we hope to get a lovely ewe lamb from her with another generation of prize-winning fleece.