Thursday, February 18, 2010


Ganache(Two year old brown Cormo X ewe)--20.6 AFD, 4.2 SD, 20.2 CV, 98.0 CF. Glenmore Staccato(Musket eight year old Shetland ewe)--27.3 AFD, 6.7 SD, 24.4 CV, 69.9 CF.
Gryffindor(Yearling dark rose grey Cormo X ram)--18.4 AFD, 3.3 SD, 18.1 CV, 99.7 CF.

Wintertime Lizzie(Fawn/musket(?)yearling NASSA Shetland ewe)--20.7 AFD, 4.8 SD, 23.3 CV, 97.1 CF.
Wintertime Maple Sugar(Moorit yearling NASSA Shetland ewe)--20.9 AFD, 4.5 SD, 21.7 CV, 98.1 CF. Wintertime Ruby(Four year old NASSA Shetland ewe)--23.7 AFD, 5.0 SD, 20.9 CV, 90.4 CF.
Winter Sky Marakesh(Grey katmoget(?)Shetland yearling)--19.0 AFD, 3.7 SD, 19.5 CV, 99.8 CF.
Winter Sky Kir Royale(Three year old fawn gul/kat Shetland ewe)--26.8 AFD, 6.1 SD, 22.8 CV, 76.8 CF.
Winter Sky Foxtrot(Musket two year old Shetland ewe)--27.8 AFD, 5.1 SD, 18.2 CV, 71.9 CF.
China(white yearling ACSA Cormo)--19.5 AFD, 3.3 SD, 16.8 CV, 99.2 CF. Wintertime Chiffon(NASSA two year old moorit Shetland ewe)--22.1 AFD, 4.6 SD, 20.9 CV, 94.5 CF.
Owl Hill Lady Grey, aka California Girl(Light Grey Shetland yearling)--23.2 AFD, 5.0 SD, 21.4 CV, 91.9 CF.
Winter Sky Breathe(Four year old light moorit HST Shetland ewe)--27.8 AFD, 5.4 SD, 19.3 CV, 70.4 CF.
Wintertime Bailleys(Moorit NASSA yearling polled ram)--22.4 AFD, 4.5 SD, 19.9 CV, 95.8 CF.
Also tested but no fiber photos yet:
Aly(Four year old grey/brown Cormo X ewe)--21.9 AFD, 4.1 SD, 18.9 CV, 97.3 CF.
Sheltrgpines Bug(Moorit spotted scurred NASSA Shetland yearling ram)--18.9 AFD, 3.4 SD, 17.8 CV, 99.9 CF.
Winter Sky Geneva(Black two year old Shetland ewe)--24.6 AFD, 6.1 SD, 24.9 CV, 82.7 CF.
Winter Sky Kismet(Black ten year old Shetland ewe)--27.0 AFD, 7.3 SD, 27.2 CV, 72.7 CF.
V Creek Princess Buttercup(Six year old NASSA fawn katmoget ewe)--28.4 AFD, 4.4 SD, 15.6 CV, 69.2 CF.
Raggedy Ann(Two year old taupe Cormo X )--19.6 AFD, 3.1 SD, 15.8 CV, 99.7 CF.
V Creek Sarah(Grey five year old katmoget NASSA Shetland ewe)--23.7 AFD, 5.3 SD, 22.5 CV, 88.8 CF.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Winter Sky Buster II(Moorit HST polled Tennyson grandson) bred the following ewes:

Winter Sky Foxtrot(F2 Orion musket)--Due 3/29/10

Winter Sky Kir Royale(Forrest fawn kat/gulmoget)--Due 3/30/10

Glenmore Staccato(Musket F2 Greyling)--Due 3/31/10

Winter Sky Tennyson hopefully bred the following two ewes prior to his death:

Winter Sky Breathe(Moorit HST Sandstone daughter)--Due 3/16/10

Winter Sky Geneva(Black Forrest daughter)--Due ?

Sheltrgpines Bug bred Winter Sky Kismet(Jamie F1 who will be ten this spring)and she is due 3/23/10.

Wintertime Black Forrest bred Winter Sky Ani and Winter Sky Khaya(both lovely moorits).


Sheltrngpines Bug bred the following ewes this past fall:

V Creek Princess Buttercup(Fawn katmoget)--Due 3/29/10

Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally(Dark emsket katmoget)--Due 4/19/10

Owl Hill Lady Grey(Ag katmoget(?))--Due 4/15/10

Wintertime Black Forrest spent his breeding season in with the following ewes this past October-late November:

Winter Sky Secondhand Rose(Moorit carrying spots)

Bramble Poppy(F1 Lightning black/grey)

Whistlestop 0427(Black Drum Ram F1)--Dam to Jazz, Blues and Ruby

Sheltrgpines Isidora(Musket Northwind Holiday daughter)

Wintertime Fudge was bred to the following ewes through November 10:

V Creek Sarah(Grey katmoget)

Winter Sky Alafair(F2 Jamie/Holly black)

Wintertime Ruby(Sandstone daughter)