Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Winter Sky Mandalay(Three year old black ewe)--25.2 AFD/4.7 SD/18.6 CV/88.9 CF/24.0 SF

Winter Sky Marrakech(Ag five year old ewe with health issues)--20 AFD/4.4 SD/22.2 CV/98.5 CF/19.6 SF

Wintertime Morocco(Musket two year old ewe--GCH fleece 2013 Jefferson Show)--24.4 AFD/4.3 SD/17.5 CV/92.7 CF/23.1 SF

Wintertime Blurred Lines(Grey gul/kat two year old ewe)--22.9 AFD/4.9 SD/21.2 CV/93.3 CF/22.4 SF

Ramble N Cherish(Spotted moorit gulmoget yearling ewe)--24 AFD/5.3 SD/22.1 CV/ 88.1 CF/23.6 SF--FOR SALE after lambing. Typey, growthy, calm...sire has very correct type and great horns.

Ramble N Chiquita(Ag fawn yearling ewe)--20.7 AFD/3.8 SD/18.3 CV/99.4 CF/19.7 SF

Spinners End Barra(Spotted black scurred yearling ram)--19.5 AFD/3.7 SD/18.9 CV/99.4 CF/18.7 SF

Spinners End Mousa(Modified black gulmoget yearling ewe)--20.7 AFD/4.2 SD/20.1 CV/97.7 CF/20 SF

Sheltrgpines Blue Danube(Dark grey katmoget two year old ewe)--23.8 AFD/ 4.4 SD/ 18.6 CV/94.3 CF/22.7 SF

Sheltrgpines Lien(White yearlind ewe)--21 AFD/3.5 SD/16.9 CV/98.9 CF/19.8 SF

Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally(Dark grey katmoget five year old ewe)25.1 AFD/ 3.8 SD/ 15.1 CV/ 91.4 CF/ 23.3 SF

Wintertime Alanis(Black four year old ewe)26.1 AFD/ 4.7 SD/ 18.1 CV/ 81.2 CF/ 24.8 SF

Wintertime B.o.B.(Two year old black ram)22.1 AFD/ 4 SD/ 18 CV/98.2 CF/21 SF(Sire of all this spring's coming lambs & GCH rooed fleece Jefferson 2013)

Wintertime Camisole(Black yearling ewe)24.1 AFD/ 5 SD/ 20.7 CV/ 89.7 CF/23.4 SF

Wintertime Evie(Moorit yearling ewe)20.9 AFD/4.1 SD/19.9 CV/98.1 CF/20.1 SF

Wintertime Florence(Moorit smirslet yearling ewe)24.3 AFD/4.7 SD/ 19.2 CV/ 91.3 CF/23.3 SF--FOR SALE.  CAN BE BRED BEFORE LEAVING FARM.

Wintertime Kerry Hill(Grey Ilget? yearling ewe)21.6 AFD/4.2 SD/19.3 CV/97.6 CF/20.9 SF

Wintertime Licorice(Black yearling ewe)22.8 AFD/ 5.4 SD/ 23.6 CV/ 92.3 CF/22.7 SF

Wintertime Moose(Moorit yearling polled ram)19.6 AFD/3.3 SD/16.9 CV/99.7 CF/18.5 SF(Second ram lamb, second pair of rams and second Best Fleece On Hoof Jefferson 2013)

Wintertime Ruby(Eight year old light moorit ewe)24.8 AFD/5.6 SD/ 22.7 CV/ 83.1 CF/ 24.5 SF.  FOR SALE TO APPROVED HOME ONLY.

Wintertime Sicily(Moorit krunet yearling ewe)22.5 AFD/ 4.3 SD/ 19.1 CV/ 96.8 CF/ 21.5 SF

Wintertime Skylark(Black polled yearling ram)20.4 AFD/ 3.6 SD/ 17.6 CV/ 99.3 CF/ 19.3 SF

Wintertime Posh Spice(Spotted fawn kat yearling ewe) 21.4 AFD/ 4.4 SD/ 20.5 CV/ 97.9 CF/20.7 SF

Wintertime Cinnamon Sugar(Spotted fawn kat yearling ewe)19.6 AFD/ 3.6 SD/ 18.5 CV/ 99.6 CF/
18.7 SF

Wintertime Wren(Moorit yearling ewe)23.4 AFD/4.6 SD/ 19.6 CV/ 93.5 CF/ 22.6 SF

Wintertime Madrid(Ag two year old ewe)25.3 AFD/3.7 SD/14.5 CV/92.8 CF/23.4 SF

 Some of the animals above will be for sale, as we are hoping to cut down to less than 20 before next winter including lambs we retain.  If you see an animal that isn't listed for sale that appeals to you do let us know and we will let you know if it comes up on the sales list.  We send last rib samples and multiple photos to prospective buyers quickly and try to help with delivery as much as is humanly possible.  Farm visits are encouraged.