Tuesday, June 23, 2009


After a long drive to lower Michigan and then another long drive to lower Illinois I was able to bring home a couple new lambs for Meghan's NASSA flock along with two more colored Cormo cross ewes(more about them another time). This is Owl Hill Lady Grey. She is heavily linebred on Enfield Greyling with some Heights Orion and a dash of Greenholme Holly. She's a nice growthy, attractive ewe lamb with some spotting in her background. She'll be going into a breeding pen this fall. Thanks to Sue Kimball for allowing her to come East to us.
Last fall Stephen Rouse was looking for a finely fleeced spotted ram to bring into his flock. Meghan sent Wintertime Fudge to him. At the time Fudge was rather puny in comparison to his full brother Red, but his fleece is awesome and given time everyone felt he'd produce some nice lambs for Stephen. Stephen put him in with his ewe flock and unbred ewe lambs, because he couldn't compete with the mature rams figuring Fudge was too small to do anything. Guess again....

The above scurred ram lamb is a Fudge son out of Sheltrgpines Bengal. Bengal rejected him early on, so he is a bottle lamb learning how to be a sheep now that he has come north. We don't have a name for him yet, but "Stinkbug" seems to be his farm moniker for now. His fleece is as exciting as it looks in the photos, so Meghan is hoping he'll follow in his sire's footsteps and test out in the 17 range as a yearling. We are also hoping his gregarious nature will help him get some ewes bred this fall.

Thanks for giving Fudge a chance Stephen.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

NCWGA Stock For Sale

Black twin ewe lamb sired by Winter Sky Captain and out of Winter Sky Kismet. This ewe is very nicely put together with a lovely, typey look to her. Her fleece is consistent and has a nice handle to it. We are retaining her sister. Kibbitz is sold.

Winter Sky Sahra last tested 27 microns and produces flashy lambs. She has also produced polled ram lambs. She is a Winter Sky Sandstone daughter with a more intermediate fleece and gorgeous type. She has a musket moonspot on one side of her spine. $50.00.

Winter Sky Calypso also tested 27 microns her last test and has an awesome, crimpy, musket fleece and smaller build. She tends to be an easy keeper with good parasite resistance. She twins easily and takes good care of her lambs. She had twin ewe lambs sired by Wintertime Black Forrest this year and both are being retained for now. Calypso is $50.00.

Winter Sky Kodachrome is a yearling moorit smirslet/sokket ram with abberant horns that will need trimming just at the tips. He has a nice sweep and balance to his horns which are smaller in diameter. Perfect fluke tail and Orion F2 bloodlines with a fleece that is to die for. He dislikes human interaction and can be tough to handle even with his smallish size. Available for a lamb back to a fiber flock.

Winter Sky Captain is a yearling shaela gulmoget scurred ram who was at the bottom of the pecking order last winter, so he is on the smallish side and definitely not aggressive. He did produce three sets of twins last year. Available for a lamb back to a fiber flock.

Moorit ram lamb sired by Kodachrome and out of a black Wintertime Black Forrest daughter who has an amazingly nice fleece. This ram lamb has horn nubbins so is probably a half-poll. Fleece is coming in silky soft and consistent. Crimp is going to come in later. Sold.