Monday, June 21, 2010


Wintertime Bailleys--L'il Country Nightcap X Wintertime Ruby polled twin moorit yearling ram. For sale mid-November for $250. Very nice fleece and overall type if you prefer classic Shetlands.
Winter Sky Gryffindor--Charcoal grey Cormo X ram(75% ACSA Cormo background). Butter soft, long(6")fiber on this yearling ram. He'll be breeding our two Cormo X ewes(Aly & Raggedy)along with a few select Shetland ewes this fall.
Winter Sky Breakaway--Winter Sky Buster II X Winter Sky Breathe. Loads of spotting in this twin smirslet ewe lamb. She has a wonderfully soft, curly, rich moorit fleece and an in-your-face personality.
The grey in the middle is Wintertime Waterbug(Sheltrgpines Bug X Owl Hill Lady Grey). Ag scurred spotted ram lamb with lots of Greyling in his background and a very fine, consistent fleece. He may be for sale. We are still sorting through all the ram lambs we have available to use this fall.

The ram lamb on the right is Wintertime Barqs--moorit gulmoget polled twin ram lamb out of Wintertime Ruby and sired by Wintertime Black Forrest. His fleece is very fine & soft with tiny crimp and good density. Nice type and good disposition on this one. He is being retained in the flock.
Winter Sky Vogue--Tennyson X Foxtrot. Just a wonderfully fine-fleeced ewe lamb.
Wintertime Chiffon(lying down)with her yearling daughter Maple Sugar. Very similar, crimpy, soft, fine fleeces in a rich moorit color. Chiffon wasn't bred this past fall as she needed time to mature. She'll be bred to Wintertime Bailleys this fall.
V Creek Princess Buttercup with her Sheltrgpines Bug ram lamb Wintertime Grasshopper. He has small, flat, "potato chip" scurs and will be retained for now for Meghan's polled program.
Wintertime Ruby--Winter Sky Sandstone X Whistlestop 0427. The matriarch of Meghan's small flock and an extremely nice ewe in all respects. Not sure which ram she'll be paired with this fall.
Winter Sky Alistair--Cormo X twin ram lamb from January. He is being retained, as we just love his fleece which is like white satin ribbons and his personality(easygoing and will be anywhere led under the chin. He'll be used on some of Gryffindor's ewe lambs in 2011.


A few photos of him post-shearing. He is for sale mid-November. Sire is L'il Country Nightcap(polled sired by polled). Dam is Wintertime Ruby(has had three polled ram lambs to date) and throws spots and modified colors.

A few photos of him post-shearing. He is for sale mid-November.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Wintertime Black Forrest--For sale mid-November after he breeds one more group of ewes for us. Larger, half-polled, solid-sided black gulmoget ram with a delicious, locky, fine fleece. Nice disposition and will lead under the chin without a halter. $350

Wintertime Black Forrest X Winter Sky Secondhand Rose single HUGE ram lamb with smaller abberant horns. Frosted black gulmoget with large krunet marking. You can name him. Built like an Angus bull with an intermediate fleece that is around 3" already. $250. SOLD.

Wintertime Fudge X Winter Sky Alafair triplet black ewe lamb(NASSA pending) Smaller of the triplets but growing nicely. Dam has had two sets of triplets and is in great health at nine years of age. Fleece more intermediate in type. Very pretty head...nice overall type if you like refined animals. $100

Winter Sky Ani(NCWGA)Red two year old ewe with an intermediate locky fleece. Very refined and pretty with Heights Orion and others in her pedigree. Good first mom. $100

Wintertime Barqs(NASSA registered)Polled frosted moorit gulmoget twin ram. Very nice overall type and lovely, soft, fine, crimpy fleece. Good disposition. $300 OBO.

Wintertime Ladybug(NASSA pend.)Black(modified?)single ewe lamb with some minor white flecks on her poll. Very dense, consistent fiber and nice overall type. Sire is Sheltrgpines Bug and dam is Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally. $200. Available at MFF time.

Wintertime Bailleys(NASSA registered)Polled moorit twin ram with a lovely, crimpy fleece. Will be available mid-November after being in a breeding pen. $250.

Photos and fleece samples available upon request. Any of these animals can be delivered to Allegan, MI area free of charge.