Friday, April 26, 2013



 Wintertime Anime--Wintertime Waterbug X Wintertime Alanis Ag spotted two year old ewe.  Always throws spots and appears to be homozygous for black/grey.  $200.  Nice disposition and good mother.  Her ram lamb is in the background.  SOLD.  Thanks Barb.
 Wintertime Twix--Moorit gulmoget two year old ewe sired by Wintertime Barqs and out of Farview Farm Sweet Tart.  Another sweet ewe with excellent type.  Not as milky as we would like but her first lamb died early from urinary blockage, so this may have had an impact on her.  $250 OBO.  SOLD.
 Moorit smirslet ewe lamb on the right is Wintertime Tulip--Wintertime Boer Goat X Eweshaveit Kate.  $250 OBO.  Very sweet with a silky fleece type. SOLD.  Thanks Barb.  Sister is also SOLD.
 Wintertime Angry Bird--Black smirslet yearling ewe with her moorit blettet ewe lamb by side.   Nice overall type but fleece is medium type--longer and dense with good solid black color. $200.
 Wintertime Silk Stockings--Wintertime Boer Goat X Wintertime Kashmir black krunet twin ewe lamb.  $200.  SOLD.
 Wintertime Sky--dark blue-grey katmoget yearling ewe sired by Winter Sky Khan and out of Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally.  Excellent mothering.  Had a smooth polled black ram lamb this spring.  $300.  SOLD.
 Wintertime Milan--Red moorit krunet very fine yearling ewe sired by Eweshaveit John Doe and out of Winter Sky Mandalay.  Very fine fleeces in this line.  She has a look-alike ewe lamb we are retaining.  $350 OBO. SOLD.
 Wintertime Brown Sugar--Fawn katmoget twin yearling ewe sired by Wintertime  Grasshopper and out of Wintertime Maple Sugar.  Lovely, longer, dense fleece with golden hue.  Sweet ewe.  $200 without her lamb. SOLD.
Black horned blettet twin ram lamb sired by Wintertime Boer Goat out of Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally.  Just lovely to look at with a dense, consistent, crimpy fleece.  $200 at weaning. Will be down at Stephen Rouse's farm in Allegan, MI.  Horns are developing nicely. 

Micron tests were done on all the mature stock this year and were posted previously on this blog.  Last rib fleece samples and additional photos can be sent upon request. 

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