Saturday, February 2, 2013


 Wintertime Anime(Wintertime Waterbug X Wintertime Alanis)Spotted grey--second fleece--sheared the end of May 2012.  Bred to Boer Goat.
 Wintertime Boer Goat(Wintertime Barqs X Wintertime Ladybug)Caped moorit flecket horned ram--Second fleece.  Rooed early May 2012.
Ramble N Bianca--First fleece.  A Sheltrgpines Shagbark granddaughter. 
Winter Sky Marrakech(Wintertime Black Forrest X Winter Sky Calypso)--Spotted Ag RGCH Ewe Jefferson 2011.  Fourth fleece.  Rooed June 2012. & her 2012 ewe lamb Madrid sired by Winter Sky Khan.

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ReallyBigLizard said...

How does one go about ordering a few pounds of your fleece? If you could, please e-mail me at if interested in selling! The quality of what I'm seeing is phenomenal.