Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The Winter Sky and Wintertime ram lambs that are being retained or sold intact are pretty spectacular this year. It was definitely a ram year, so we had loads to choose from, but even then when you typically cull down to only 3 or 4 "keepers" you can end up with some truly special breeding stock.

Winter Sky Cointreau(a fawn gulmoget)was sired by Wintertime Black Forrest who has an exceptionally soft, very black fleece and is out of Winter Sky Claret(a more intermediate fleeced moorit with good length and overall Shetland type). This is one time where the dam's type and the sire's fiber came through to create just about a perfect package. He's one of those animals that catches your eye whenever you look out into the field.

From left to right: Winter Sky Cointreau, Wintertime Jazz(87.5% UK Jericho F1 grey katmoget)and Winter Sky Leonid(Orion F1 moorit). Jazz is heading to Minnesota to do some breeding for Garrett Ramsay. His full brother Blues will be staying at our farm. Leonid is a half-brother to Tennyson and has a lovely look about him, as well as very nice moorit fiber that is consistent from shoulder to britch. He is being retained and used this fall on a select number of ewe lambs.

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