Friday, November 16, 2007

Winter Sky Cointreau's Breeding Group

This boy is a total psycho in the barn, but I can't take a bad photo of him and his fleece tested 19.5 AFD, 5.6 SD, 28.7 CV with 4.4 % fibers greater than 30, so I've selected an interesting and diverse group of ewes to cross him with this year just to see what he can do. His dam is also being bred back to Wintertime Black Forrest to hopefully produce the ultimate ewe lamb this spring. The above growthy ewe lamb is a Tennyson/Staccato daughter--Pianissimo. Her fleece is more intermediate in handle and length but has a wonderful dark brown coloration.
This is Winter Sky Lorrie Morgan(a half-sister to Tennyson sired by Winter Sky Sandstone)and Winter Sky Deja Vu(Tennyson X Kismet ewe lamb from this spring). Both have amazingly nice, interesting fleeces and type and are into hanging out in the barn with us each evening.
Last but not least is Winter Sky Diva--Space Cowboy's full sister. I was going to breed her to a moorit Heights Orion F1, but we ran out of breeding pens, so Leonid ended up going south to Wisconsin for his group of ewes. I am sure this cross will be an interesting combination for those folks looking for something that carries a lot of patterns and spots.

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