Friday, May 2, 2008


Winter Sky Tennyson(NCWGA): Bred to two ewes produced three lambs--Black polled ram and moorit blettet ewe twins and single black horned ram.

Wintertime Thriller(NASSA) bred to one ewe produced black krunet ewe lamb & black polled ram(third generation.

Winter Sky Cowboy(NCWGA)bred to four ewes produced:Fawn smirslet katmoget ram, grey HST kat ewe, moorit yuglet mirkface sokket ram, and grey kat HST ram. Total 3 rams/1 ewe all spotted)

Winter Sky Leonid(NCWGA)bred to four ewes produced: moorit and moorit HST twin ewes, blettet musket ewe and moorit ram with moonspot, twin moorit ewes, and smirslet moorit ram and moorit krunet ewe. (2 rams/5 ewes--four spotted)

Winter Sky Cointreau(NCWGA)bred to six ewes produced: HST moorit gulmoget horned ram, dark brown ewe, HST moorit gulmoget ewe, black gulmoget horned ram, moorit krunet ewe and moorit gulmoget ewe. Total 2 rams/4 ewes(four gulmoget)

Wintertime Blues(NASSA)bred to one ewe produced: grey kat ewe and black horned ram. He was also bred to at least four other ewes and produced dark brown offspring in addition to blacks and grey kats.

Wintertime Black Forrest(NASSA)bred to nine ewes produced: black gulmoget twin ewe and ram, modified moorit scurred gulmoget ram & horned smirslet moorit ram, moorit ram, moorit twin ram and ewe, black gulmoget ram and black ewe, black gulmoget twin ewes, moorit gulmoget ram, grey gul/kat ram & ewe and black gulmoget ewe triplets, flecket ewe and black ewe. Total of 8 rams/9 ewes(8 gulmogets--2 gulmoget/katmogets)

Wintertime Landslide(polled NASSA)bred to two ewes produced: black & mioget krunet twin ewes, moorit bielset ewe.

Firthoffifth Aman(NASSA)bred to three ewes produced: twin moorit rams, single black ewe, moorit ewe and mioget horned ram.

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