Friday, June 24, 2011


Our little twin Ag spotted ewe lamb sired by Wintertime Waterbug and out of Wintertime Alanis is growing into a lovely ewe with soft, lustrous fiber. We look forward to potentially crossing her with "Boer Goat"(our moorit/white flecket Barqs/Ladybug son) this fall.


Jody said...

She's a beauty.
Where do you get such small sized sheep coats?
Our 3 month old lambs fleeces are so full of chaff!

stephen rouse said...

She's GORGEOUS! Is she possibly also katmoget? Incredibly pretty little ewe!

Karen Valley said...

No katmogets as parents. The coats are A size from Rocky Sheep coverings. All our lambs are in those or A+'s I had made specially for our lambs.