Saturday, September 10, 2011


Don't have photos but am hoping some of the people with cameras who took pictures will be posting them soon.

Large lamb classes and somewhat larger than normal group and yearling and mature sheep classes.

The fleece show was well attended with many more entries than in years' past. Tori won with a white fleece in the fine white class and we won 1st, 2nd and 4th in the colored finewool class with the three fleeces we entered. Meghan's black "Ladybug" fleece won GCH Shetland fleece.

Then on into the showring with our five less-than-well-trained sheep in hand(or strong clutches when they decided to bolt)....Grasshopper won in his yearling ram class. Anthracite made it through one cut in a class of 30 lambs but didn't make it into the ribbons. Grasshopper wasn't considered for GCH or RGCH. A Black Forrest son won GCH (Firthoffifth Avyt)and an Undertheson ram lamb won RGCH.

For mature ewes Sheltrgpines Salicional won with my Marrakech placing second behind her. White yearling ewes from Undertheson and S'More won in the yearling class of about ten ewes. In a class of 37 ewe lambs Andy Fulks' moorit ewe lamb placed first with Meghan's Grasshopper daughter "Vanity Fair" placing second. GCH ewe was Salicional with Marrakech placing RGCH.

A pair of ewe lambs owned by Lori Stephenson won in the pairs class. For dam and daughter Marrakech and her ewe lamb Mandalay were given the rosette. Best flock was won by Kelly Bartels with Salicional, Cadillac and I believe her moorit ewe lamb Alabama? Best fleece on hoof was won by my black ewe lamb Mandalay with Vanity Fair taking second.

Supreme champion of the show was Sheltrgpines Salicional.

I liked the way the judges worked the ring. They would pull forward animals they wanted to continue to consider for placing until they got down to the final five. It was easy to follow and there was no dreaded "last" place. And it helped people figure out somewhat just what was considered correct type, etc. to watch as they winnowed the field down.

We learned a lot, sweated a lot, and I'll probably have a sore back tomorrow morning for the drive home.

Time for soaking in the tub and then bed.


stephen rouse said...

Congratulations Karen and Meghan! You made quite a showing there at Wisconsin! Great news!

Michelle said...

Another great report! Congrats on your excellent showings (and to Stephen, for breeding the Supreme Champion!).

Becky Utecht said...

Congratulations Karen and Meghan! And congrats to all the other winners. Thanks so much for letting us know the results. Sure wish I could have been there for the judges seminar and to see the show in person.