Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Sometimes one just needs to get out and explore their own backyard.  After living in the Upper Peninsula for 30 years I've decided I really need to take more day trips and see what is all around me.  This is the view from our new bridge on County Road 510 that connects us with the cities and highways. 
 This is Tally and I after a hike to Canyon Falls.  I can only imagine how wonderful these falls would be on a spring day when all the snow is melting at once and will be returning to enjoy that rush.
 Another more complete view of the falls.
 Downstream from the falls where the water has carved out a wonderful, almost surreal canyon of slabs and shelves.
 Upstream from the falls...a lovely hike with numerous little rapids and many stone outcroppings made for hopping about.
 Keewaunaw Bay outside of Baraga.  Almost appears to be a lake because of a wild peninsula that locks in the eastern side.  But it is all Lake Superior.


Kelly said...

What spectacular photos! Loved the pictorial trip.

Spinners End Farm said...

Those slabs look like a good sunning spot...take me, take me!