Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2014 LAMBS

Wintertime Alanis with her twin ram lambs. 

Mustang Sally with one of her twin ram lambs(other twin is solid black).

Winter Sky Mandalay with her twin ewe lambs.

Blue Danube's twin ram lambs--spotted fawn katmoget is polled.  Dark grey katmoget ram is horned. 

Winter Sky Marrakech with her surviving twin ewe lamb.  Suspect she is modified.


Spinners End Farm said...

They are all so sweet!

Kelly said...

Very nice additions to your flock Karen. Well done.

Karen Valley said...

It was pretty much B.o.B.'s doing not mine...and the ewes. Next year I might opt to put up more breeding pens and actually use more rams, but I was feeling like simplifying my life last fall. Fortunately B.o.B. is a really good producer no matter what lines he is crossed with.

Barb's Place said...

Karen, if the spotted fawn kat ram out of Blue stay's polled I'll be interested in him. They are all beautiful.