Friday, February 2, 2007

Glenmore Staccato

Stacey came to us from my dear friend Louise Hooper in Indiana. Louise owned a small flock of Shetlands who lived the good life in her green pastures and apple orchard. Stacey's dam used to love to just hang out with people--hanging her head on your shoulder to "chat" for as long as you wanted. Stacey has that same personality and a gorgeous, dark musket fleece that spins up into a lovely rose/grey yarn each year. It sells before it is even spun. Her mature micron test was 22.6 AFD with an 8.2 SD. So far Stacey has been stingy with her lambs...only giving us one per year. She has thrown some very dark brown lambs that have held their color. This year she is bred to Tennyson.

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