Thursday, February 1, 2007


Loretta is one of those Shetland ewes you realize could survive just about anywhere. She resides down at Cynthia Caillagh-Allen's Firth of Fifth farm, because she likes space and as little human interaction as possible. With Cynthia's rotational grazing system, wonderful natural management style and hilly 20 acres of pasture Loretta thrives. Loretta tends to always produce good lambs and is a fierce mother. Her mature side micron test was 22.5 AFD with an SD of 5.1. This year she was bred to Heights Orion. I am hoping for twin ewe lambs to cross back to Tennyson. We shall see. Loretta is QR at codon 171.

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Danny Hansen said...

Interesting horn curvature. I noticed that Barb is selling a daughter (Geneva) and granddaughter (Kinsey) of Loretta. I wonder if they carry the gene for horned ewes (p')?