Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Freedom After The Deep Freeze

V Creek Sarah is an F1 Roban Dillan, F2 Holly ewe that produces clean polled ram lambs. She is bred to LilCountry Nightcap for April lambs. She'll be for sale after her lambs are weaned.
Wintertime Ruby is the dam of Wintertime Red Velvet and has a very fine(21 micron)moorit fleece. She is bred to Nightcap for April lambs and will be used for LAI next fall.
Winter Sky Kismet is an F1 Willowcroft Jamie ewe. She is the matriarch of the flock at age ten and has the "look" I love. She is bred to Captain for late March lambs and may be slated for LAI if she holds her condition well this summer.
Glenmore Staccato was purchased from Louise Hooper's flock as a lamb. She's going to be seven and is a true musket Greyling F2 with a lovely fleece. She is bred to Captain for April lambs.
These two modified moorit girls are Orion F2's from different sires and dams. Chiffon in the background is bred to Red for late April lambs. Ani in the foreground was kept open this year.
And not to be left out of the flock pictures is Raggedy...our colored Cormo X ewe lamb who is also open this year.


Garrett808 said...

Karen if its possible I'd like the opportunity to purchase Sarah and/or NightCap if they become available? I have always wanted an F1 Dillon daughter and love her dark markings.

Karen Valley said...

I will let you know as soon as we are safely through lambing time, since Meghan wants to see what Nightcap produces first bred to Sarah and Ruby. You are on the list. Juli has first rights to Sarah, since we knew she likes katmogets and Sarah is a tremendous polled producer.